Top 10 Sites for Designers: April 2017 Edition

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Though we can’t believe it’s already April, those of us at HOW think there’s something special about the beginning of a new month. Maybe it’s because that’s when we get to share with you HOW art director Adam Ladd’s curated list of inspiring websites (and the occasional app). The sites found below will be of particular interest to designers and creatives like yourself, with this month’s selection featuring a curated catalog of logos, an archive of Italian graphic design, a color-matching game and more.

top 10 sites for designers

Top 10 Websites for Designers: April 2017

1. Logobook

A nicely curated catalog of logos in their black-and-white form.

top 10 sites for designers: Logobook

2. Relativity of Time

Futuramo presents an animated timeline pondering what could be accomplished in certain timeframes.

top 10 sites for designers: Relativity of Time

3. This is Bears Ears

With immersive video, Patagonia opens up their site for this national monument.

top 10 sites for designers: This is Bears Ears

4. Black In History

Large, sepia-toned photos and nice typography set the stage.

top 10 sites for designers: Black In History

5. Archivio Grafica Italiana

For some visual inspiration, take a look at this archive of Italian graphic design.

top 10 sites for designers: Archivio Grafica Italiana

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 6. NASA Image and Video Library

Simply a great collection and resource of images and video from NASA.

top 10 sites for designers: NASA Image and Video Library

7. Joe Coleman

The restrained appearance and copywriting wit brings this all together as you move the slider.

top 10 sites for designers: Joe Coleman

8. Brand New

This popular logo and brand identity review site has been redesigned. Check out this post for a behind-the-scenes look at the rationale.

top 10 sites for designers: Brand New

9. Color—Method of Action

Challenge yourself with this color-matching game.

top 10 sites for designers: Color

10. Johnson Banks

This brand design firm showcases their work with a unique, multi-tier scrolling effect.

top 10 sites for designers: Johnson Banks

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