Top 10 Sites for Designers: June 2017 Edition

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Happy month of June, everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of the Top 10 Websites for Designers. If you’re new to this series—every month, the HOW editorial staff curates a list of inspiring websites (and the occasional app) of particular interest to designers and creatives. This month’s list includes the site for a new type foundry, an interactive music video and more. Enjoy!

Top 10 Websites for Designers: June 2017

top 10 sites for designers 

1. We the Fans

Through an interactive documentary series, you can follow the stories of the NFL’s Chicago Bears faithful fans.

2. XYZ Type

A new type foundry whose site invites you to play a little with their responsive shapes.

3. Nick Jones

Scroll down to watch this experimental interface in action (or choose a more conventional layout if desired).

4. Women Who Design

A Twitter profile directory of inspiring women in the design industry.

5. Color Theory

This highly visual, animated site presents the basics of color theory.

color theory, one of June's top 10 sites for designers

6. Real Estate – Stained Glass

Click and drag to colorize the video as it plays.

7. Mixfont

Start the generator to discover new fonts that (claim to) work well together.

8. Find Great Google Fonts Tool

Filter a curated and visually categorized list of fonts that are freely available from Google.

9. Graphic Design Archives West Michigan

This site makes both physical artifacts and digital representations available to anyone interested in the rich legacy of graphic design, paper manufacturing and printing in West Michigan.

10. Minted 50

Check out 50 design projects completed by 50 independent artists in 50 consecutive days.


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