Top 10 Sites for Designers: May 2017 Edition

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Happy month of May! We’re excited to release the latest edition of the Top 10 Websites for Designers. If you’re new to this series—every month, the HOW editorial staff curates a list of inspiring websites (and the occasional app) of particular interest to designers and creatives. This month’s list includes an interactive map that surfaces new relationships between hundreds of fonts, the site for a new font by Draplin Design Co. and Lost Type, and more. Take a look!

top 10 sites for designers may 2017 edition

Top 10 Websites for Designers: May 2017

1. DDC Hardware

The site for Draplin Design Co. and Lost Type’s new industrial sans-serif—called DDC Hardware—has a fitting look and a healthy (and expected) dose of humor.

DDC Hardware; top 10 sites for designers

2. Climber

The animations throughout this site for Climber—a Pacific Northwest–based interactive production company—have us mesmerized.

climber, one of May's top 10 sites for designers

3. Way to Go

Creators Vincent Morisset, Philippe Lambert, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit and Caroline Robert (AATOAA) say that this interactive experience is for human beings between five and 105 years old. Spend a few minutes exploring and see if you too find it quite meditative.

top 10 sites for designers

4. These Memories Won’t Last

Illustrator, interactive designer and writer Stuart Campbell’s interactive webcomic immerses us in the true story of his aging grandfather, who suffers from dementia.

These Memories Won't Last; one of the May Top 10 Sites for Designers

5. Google Earth

Upon experiencing this new and improved Google Earth, one member of the HOW team said “Holy shnikeys!” So we think it’s safe to say you can prepare to be amazed.

Google Earth


6. USAFacts

This user-friendly site presents the U.S. in numbers with a comprehensive, nonpartisan view.

top 10 sites for designers

7. Font Map

This interactive map/AI experiment by IDEO uses machine learning to arrange hundreds of fonts and surface new relationships between them.

top 10 sites for designers

8. World’s Favourite Colour

Use this interactive color finder to submit your favorite color and join G. F Smith and Hull 2017 U.K. City of Culture in their search for the world’s favorite color. One person’s selection will be turned into a new paper named after them, along with a personalized stationery set.

World's Favourite Colour, one of this month's top 10 sites for designers

9. metrogram3D

Based on data on the Tokyo subway, metrogram visualizes the flow of both trains and people.

top 10 sites for designers

10. Simplify.Thatsh.It

This fun site allows you to create “random” modern art by simplifying images to their core elements.