Top 10 Sites for Designers: July 2016 Edition


Each month, HOW’s art director Adam Ladd selects a series of inspiring websites of interest to designers and creatives. This month’s selection includes an update to Google Fonts, a platform that links color with Instagram photos, and a product design industry report.


1. Google Fonts – Update

Google Fonts

The well-know Google Fonts site has gone through a fantastic, customizable redesign.

2. #ColorOf


An experiment in human interaction & color representation. Select a word and view its most prominent colors shared on Instagram.

3. Lots of Logos

Lots of Logos

A few designers are trying to each design a logo a day for as long as they can. Some really nice concepts.

4. Mile Inn

Mile Inn Collective

A production company collective whose site depicts their unique approach.


NIFOS - National Institute of Feline Orbital Studies

With fun animations, the National Institute of Feline Orbital Studies gives numbers for how much it will take to house a cat.

6. Product Design Industry Report 2016

Product Design Industry Report 2016

A nicely constructed report by InVision with strong typography and a restrained yet bold color scheme.

7. Small Victories

Small Victories

Intriguing… quickly turn your files from Dropbox into a website.

8. The Lost Sloth

The Lost Sloth

A quick, playful exercise to try to find the sloth hiding out in the scene.

9. The Official Guide to New York City


With bold type, photos, shapes and color, this feels about right for NYC.

10. Type Terms

Type Terms

An interactive tool for designers to learn (or refresh themselves) the basics of typographic terminology.

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