Top 10 Websites for Designers – Fontshop, Hyperakt, 102 Hours

Finally, the warm weather is starting to show itself. But have no fear, as HOW’s art director, Adam Ladd, hasn’t forgotten about this month’s roundup of best websites, and has compiled a group brighter than ever. You’ll notice a few sites, like Hyperakt and Cinnamon Toast, that have used different full screen video styles to get their message across or set the tone for the rest of the design. You’ll also discover some of the best designed apps curated on Plus, join the discussion in shaping the next website design for Fontshop.


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Mike Parker 1929–2014

The Font Bureau pays tribute to the late Mike Parker, a type designer, historian and pioneer. The site leverages quality type and a nicely structured layout for ease of reading. It includes photos and writings by Matthew Carter, Tobias Frere-Jones and Christian Schwartz, among others.



Hyperakt is a “social impact design studio” based in New York City. When you visit the homepage you are flooded with a bold video of their flag in motion, setting a distinct tone for the site.


ADC Global Awards & Club

ADC is a global organization that celebrates and awards leaders in creative communications. Their site is a great example of ease of use and clear communication, blending uncluttered images with finessed type and simple navigation.


Their website states “ is a painstakingly curated presentation of the best designed apps available.” It showcases apps that are simple, easy to use and have great design.

Next Fontshop

Fontshop is building their next website and invites it’s viewers to join in the discussion. “The primary focus is on presenting the typefaces in a playful setting, making it fun to find and select them.” As you get into it, there are some really nice graphic touches here.


Designs by Daylight

This is Janna Barrett’s personal daily design blog where she creates something new every day in order to grow as a designer. Her goal was to do so for one full year, which will be accomplished on June 3.


OXYDO Society

OXYDO is about eyewear products, and their site helps establish their brand as both modern and underground with it’s opening video and interactive elements.


Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast is an Ottawa-based creative and strategy firm. They introduce their small team at work in their space with the opening video and the site features large imagery and easy scrolling for more reveals.


102 HOURS | Boston

102 HOURS provides a chronicle of the events during and following the Boston Marathon bombing. The designers express these through iconography and the site puts some of it in motion.


What If Everybody Ran

Mizuno brand shoes hired a statistical analyst to find out the benefits of running. The site features a running man that has different scenes pass by him and those stats presented throughout with icons.



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