Top 10 Sites for Designers: December 2016 Edition

Every month, HOW art director Adam Ladd curates a list of inspiring websites of particular interest to designers and creatives. This month’s selection includes an interactive alternate reality, a fun typography tool, your new favorite inspiration resource and much more.

top 10 websites for designers

1. Make Mars Home

Digital boutique Neo-Pangea recently launched an interactive “alternative reality” campaign in partnership with National Geographic Channel. Check out this site to experience the groundbreaking VR simulations the team used, plus get inspired by the team’s ability to create such a believable alternate world.

top 10 websites for designers

2. Creative Loafing (Atlanta) (Charlotte) (Tampa Bay)

Creative Loafing is a series of alternative news sites that connects creatives and keeps those in specific cities informed of cool events, visual arts happenings and more. If you’re from these areas or visiting soon, be sure to check it out.

top 10 websites for designers: creative loafing

3. Code My UI

Check out this site for a handpicked collection of code snippets you can use in your next website design.

top 10 websites for designers: Code My UI


This platform was designed to improve your access to the federal government’s custom-developed software. You can reuse open source projects and make your own contribution to them. It’s expected that the content on the site will evolve and expand quickly in order to promote innovation and collaboration.

top 10 websites for designers:

5. VAU Fonts

Play with this fun typography tool that makes using bitmap fonts easy.

top 10 websites for designers: VAU fonts


FINAL DEADLINE: DEC. 2, 2016. Enter today before it’s too late!

6. A Huge Idea

Looking for some creative advertising and idea inspiration? We found your new favorite resource. With the ability to sort by type of inspiration [advertising, logo, typography], color, industry and mood, you might even find you prefer this over Pinterest.

top 10 websites or designers

7. Hero Patterns

We love the logo for this project as much as we love the collection: tons of repeatable SVG background patterns for you to use in your next digital project. The creator says he’ll continue updating, so keep checking back for the latest.

top 10 websites for designers: Hero Patterns

8. Julien Bucaille

Gotta love a nice portfolio site. This one won us over with lovely movement and a dash of humor in unexpected places.

top websites for designers

9. Act Normal

Shifting emoji favicons, fun illustrations and GIF mastery—small details that make the website for this Stockholm-based digital studio unique.

top websites for designers: Act Normal

10. My Grandmother’s Lingo

My Grandmother’s Lingo is a voice-activated, interactive animation that sheds light on the plight of Indigenous languages. Check out this innovative documentary, complete with gorgeous illustrations, to experience the story of a young Aboriginal woman who wants to preserve her endangered Indigenous culture through language.

top 10 websites for designers: My Grandmother's Lingo


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