Top 10 Websites for Designers – February 2013

Every month HOW scours the web and pours through submissions from creatives to discover the top design websites. We’re looking for the best promo sites of talented designers and illustrators, as well as design tools, resources and fun sites for creative time-outs.

Top 10 Websites for Designers

Check out the best design websites below. (You can also submit a site you think should be included in this list of cool design websites next month.)

Brave the Woods

Brave the Woods is the new freelance studio of Brad Woodard, a graphic designer and who works during the day at Arnold Worldwide in Boston. His work is colorful, playful and richly typographic.

top 10 websites for designers

John David Lloyd: Archive

John David Lloyd has been working as a designer in the U.K. since 1960. This site is an archive of 50 years of amazing work, including some logos that look totally modern.

top 10 websites for designers


InstaThis connects with your Instagram account and helps you create stunning prints on acrylic or wood. Make your home and studio beautiful with images you’ve created!

top 10 websites for designers

The Chic-Type Blog

Chic-Type is a blog dedicated to the love of typography, hand-lettering and graphic design. Posts include the latest and greatest from the creative world. The blog also includes a 52-week typography quoster (quote + poster) project, where each week a quote is designed to experiment with typography, texture, and space.

top 10 websites for designers

Mag Spreads

“MagSpreads is dedicated to the process and progress of editorial design and the publishing industry. Its purpose is to define and promote the world’s best editorial design, and to provide a place where the editorial design community can review, critique and stay informed with the latest industry trends and design projects being created in the field.”

top 10 websites for designers

Life After Breakfast

Life After Breakfast is Alessandra Lanot’s crafts and design blog, featuring her adventures after the most important meal of the day. Though she has a day job as a designer, her creativity truly comes to life in her watercolor illustrations.

top 10 websites for designers


Jon Gray is a London-based designer who specializes in typography book cover designs that will make you want to curl up with a great book.

top 10 websites for designers

Happy Lovers Town

Jonathan Calugi is an illustrator based in Italy. He’s best known for his quirky patterns and doodles with minimal lines and simple shapes.

happy lovers


Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes are the design team behind the Austin, TX-based firm LAND. Their branding work for companies both small and large has an authentic vernacular quality that make it immediately likable.

top 10 websites for designers

Heysu Lee Illustration

New York-based designer turner illustrator Heysu Lee recently updated her website. Lee specializes in chaotic, colorful editorial illustration that capture the intersection of your most interesting dreams and strangest nightmares.

top 10 websites for designers

  • Remember to submit a site you think should be included in this list of top design websites next month.


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