Top 10 Websites For Designers – June 2012

Every month HOW scours the web and pours through submissions from creatives to discover the top design websites. We’re looking for the best promo sites of talented designers and illustrators, as well as design tools, resources and fun sites for creative time-outs.

Top 10 Websites for Designers
Check out the best design websites below. (You can also submit a site you think should be included in this list of cool design websites next month.)

  1. Delinea Design
    Delinea Design is a multimedia creative studio based in Omaha, NE, that specializes in both video and interactive media. Founded by Matt Bross and Chad Eacker in 2004, the studio re-launched their website in May 2012 with a nod to mid-century mod and established their place in North America as the classiest lil’ creative studio in the Midwest.
  2.  Aleberry Creative Group
    Aleberry Creative Group is creative boutique in Houston, TX. The company site shows off their quirky personality and design aesthetics. It also explains some of their creative business practices.
  3. How To Start a Fire
    In the world of creativity, if you’re not starting a fire, then what’s the point? So, Canopy Brand Group created a portal to celebrate the most revolutionary and thought-provoking ideas they’re seeing in the world today.
  4. Wonder Associates
    U.K.-based Wonder Associates is a full service design agency specializing in arts, culture, heritage and leisure clients. They’ve developed an interesting, proprietary Content Management System (CMS) to meet the specific needs of their clients.
  5. Bossa
    “Bossa” is Brazilian slang for swagger. It’s also the name of a newly formed digital production company based in New York. Their self-promotion site tells their story through HTML5, Google Maps API, and bits of standard HTML.
  6. Bravo Company
    Bravo Company is a creatively led, independent design studio based in Singapore. They also have a cool side project making stretchable silicone rings to help people remember important things (called Rememberings).
  7. Jing Wei
    Jing Wei is a Chinese-born illustrator and printmaker. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and works out of a studio in Greenpoint. She does amazing illustration work for clients like Fast Company and The New York Times and also sells beautiful, limited-edition, original woodcuts and digital prints.
  8. Ryan Andrews Illustration and Comics
    Ryan Andrews does beautiful illustration work, based part-time in California and part-time in Japan. The influence of Japanese culture is very evident in his style. Don’t miss his amazing digital comics, particularly “Sarah and the Seed.”
  9. Visual Poetry
    Austrian poet and artist Anatol Knotek posts his own work and work that inspires him on this inspiring tumblr of visual poetry, typography and conceptual art.
  10. Robert Hunter
    Robert Hunter is a U.K. based illustrator with the most amazing sense of color. He works in collage, print-making and drawing, and has illustrated several gorgeous small-press books, among other great projects.
  • Remember to submit a site you think should be included in this list of top design websites next month.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Websites For Designers – June 2012

  1. Maryfrost

    I just wanted to thank you and say what a great list of websites you have put together here. As a web designer and a amateur photographer I love the beauty of design, including different shades of vibrant colour that can be found in one simple design.
    I have not checked out all these sites but I am more than half way through them, thanks again.