Top 10 Sites for Designers: November 2017 Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Top 10 Websites for Designers. Every month, the HOW editorial staff curates a list of inspiring websites (and sometimes apps) of particular interest to both designers and creatives. This month’s list includes collections of thought-provoking posters, an interactive visualization of a FedEx package’s journey, a flawlessly delivered digital story, a 360 LEGO experience and new portfolio and studio sites.

top 10 websites for designers

Top 10 Websites for Designers: November 2017

1. Power to the Poster

top 10 websites for designers

Led by Justin Kemerling and Cody Peterson, a group of designers in Nebraska curated this collection of user-submitted graphic posters on topics including social justice, healthcare, inequality, women’s rights civil rights and more. Check it out and even submit your own posters.

2. Flow Supply

top 10 websites for designers

Born in an effort to actively support and promote the work of independent artists, Flow Supply is an ever-growing online gallery featuring beautiful posters and prints made by independent studios, designers and illustrators. Flow Supply takes no affiliate commission, and all artwork is listed for free.

3. FedEx SoundTrack

top 10 websites for designers

FedEx wants us to experience the journey of our packages through sound, generating a custom piece of music based on a package’s travel steps and stats. Even if you don’t have a tracking number, you can experience some of their most interesting shipping stories.

4. Where Can North Korea’s Missiles Reach?

top 10 websites for designers

Beautiful and fluid delivery (even on mobile) of interesting (albeit unsettling) information about North Korea’s missiles. Written and designed by The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s interactive digital storytelling team, which includes Matt Martino, Joshua Byrd and Ben Spraggon.

5. Tether

top 10 websites for designers

As they approach their 10th anniversary, Seattle-based studio Tether rolled out a new site, creating a “personality-heavy experience full of discovery-inducing content.”

6. Inculerate

top 10 websites for designers

Interesting animations, interactive elements and scrolling experience in this website for Inculerate, a Silicon Valley company. Designed by Red Collar, a creative digital agency committed to making their clients’ wishes come true.

7. Periodic Table of Storytelling

top 10 websites for designers

Designer and web developer James Harris writes on his website that he tackles complex concepts and makes them easy to understand. We enjoyed this fun infographic site that organizes the basic building blocks of storytelling into a familiar format.

8. The Last Jedi 360 Experience

top 10 websites for designers

Get out your Google Cardboard to take this fun experience from LEGO to the next level. Various mini games allow you to build what you need for battle—but even if you don’t feel like doing that, the intro is worth a watch.

9. Dries van Broeck Portfolio Site

top 10 websites for designers

Animations galore and a great color scheme happening in this portfolio site for Belgium-based freelance motion designer Dries van Broeck.

10. Travel Oregon: The Game

Bring on the nostalgia. Travel Oregon: The Game pays tribute to the classic game you probably remember from your school days, The Oregon Trail, and is designed using the aesthetic of the original game. The Oregon Tourism Commission wants this to both commemorate the 175th anniversary of The Oregon Trail and inspire people to visit the state.


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