Top 10 Websites for Designers – September 2013

Are you looking for design inspiration? Check out this month’s Top 10 Websites for designers, assembled by HOW’s art director. You’ll notice a vintage theme with graphic design work from the 1960s featured on Grain Edit and letterheads1960s. Typography also shows well here through the curated images on Type Hunting and the webfonts by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.


Check out our picks below and submit your site for consideration.

Type Hunting

An ongoing archive of found typography, photographed and curated by graphic designer Jonathan Lawrence. There is a great dose of vintage inspiration here.


Opening Up: 2012 at the St. Louis County Library

When the library approached Almanac about creating their online annual report, they wanted to find a way to show all the interesting and unexpected things that make a library such a unique asset for the entire community. The site is rich with illustrations, photos and infographics.


Designers & Books

It started as a website that features book lists from esteemed designers, but they recently relaunched with expanded daily features (mostly focused on design topics that relate to books). All 1,742 books featured on the website are aggregated from 155 esteemed designers’ book lists.



This is a fantastic collection of letterheads that were acquired during the 1960’s by Frank Mulvey. It really gives a great sense of the design of the times as you compare letterheads from Paul Rand and Milton Glaser to lesser known designers and firms.


Grain Edit

Grain edit is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period. There are interviews, rare design annuals, type specimens and more.


MKJ Creative

MKJ Creative’s user-friendly site makes an impact through bold photography and a new brand designed to reflect 10 years in business.  It also features a parallax navigation system, which allows visitors to navigate the site by scrolling down.


Prime & Fire

A well executed design for the London based agency with a clean layout, bold graphic images and photography, and a good sense of minimalism and white space without becoming stale.


McDonald’s: Favorites

McDonald’s in the UK wanted to celebrate the people’s love of the fast food restaurant by compiling 100 favorite McDonald’s moments. The illustration and interaction are fun with some playful features.



Bluestepstudio is a creative design studio from Italy specializing in digital design and development. The site features clean, compelling imagery with graphic, easy-to-use navigational elements and simple interactive components.



The site for Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ cloud typography is very informative and high on design. The icons are all unique, and the interactive captions clearly present the craft and thoughtfulness that went into the design of the webfonts.



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