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HOW Creative Boot Camp: Learn to Generate Ideas In Greater Quantity and Quality

A single-day workshop with Stefan Mumaw in Boston


Saturday, November 7 (see timeline below)
Boston Seaport World Trade Center, Skyline Room

As the author of six creativity-focused books, a national ideation facilitator, and the Director of Creative Strategy at Hint, Stefan Mumaw knows how to boost creative output. In this full-day HOW workshop, he will elaborate on the key characteristics of daily creative output, identifying the obstacles to effective creative training and breaking down ideation into digestible steps, all the while using short, fun creative exercises to illuminate key points about behavior, experience and perspective. From serious creative inflection to comedy improv techniques, you’ll be taken on a creative journey through practice, philosophy and application. You’ll even get the opportunity to turn a pile of arts-n-crafts materials into something ridiculously awesome and pit your creation against other boot camp recruits. By the end of this absurdly inspiring day, you will take away tools that you can apply to your own creative process, both in on-demand creative techniques as well as creative training over time. Plus, you’re sure to find the makings of your own creative posse in the other folks brave enough to endure Creative Boot Camp with you. The session is lively and fun, with Stefan’s trademark humor and wit on display. Creative Boot Camp is sure to give attendees all of the speed of its military counterpart with none of the chow time remorse. Join us.


9:00-9:30am: Registration (outside Skyline room) and networking
9:30am-12:30pm: Creative Boot Camp, Part 1
12:30pm-2:00pm: Lunch on your own
2pm-5pm: Creative Boot Camp, Part 2

Ticket includes:
– full day Creative Boot Camp workshop
– copy of Mumaw’s Creative Boot Camp book

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.59.32 PMMore about Stefan Mumaw:
Stefan Mumaw is the Director of Creative Strategy at Hint, a Kansas City creative content & experience design shop. Previously, he peddled his wares as Creative Director for Callahan Creek, The Brainyard and REIGN. He has authored six books, the most recent being Creative Boot Camp: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity & Quality In 30 Days. Previously, he authored Chasing the Monster Idea, co-authored Caffeine for the Creative Team and Caffeine for the Creative Mind with Wendy Lee Oldfield, and penned Redesigning Websites and Simple Websites. Stefan has been a regular speaker at creative industry gatherings over the years, writes frequently for a variety of creative industry rags like HOW and Step By Step, won numerous industry awards and been known to embarrass himself and those around him if given the opportunity.

Don’t miss this chance to join Stefan Mumaw to learn how to generating ideas in greater quantity and quality. Register now!