A New Work Space for FINE Design!

What do you get when you mix an old warehouse and a design firm? FINE Design of course! As FINE Design blossomed and took root in Portland they suddenly found themselves running out of space, and the search for a new home began. Settling on a recently renovated warehouse in Portland’s Art District the team at FINE had a blank canvas on which to let their imaginations run wild!

FINE Design's new look began with a blank slate.

FINE Design’s new look began with a blank slate.

After sketching out their designs they partnered with Boora Architects and the team at Howard S. Wright to help bring their whimsical, collaborative space designs to life. The result was a beautiful suite of open space and natural light with a very collaborative and chic bohemian vibe that encourages your creative side to come out and play!

Stuck on a problem? Take a swing break in the common room!

Stuck in a creative rut? Take a swing break in the common room!

Fine Design-279-Edit-Edit-Edit

FINE Design encourages collaboration with open whiteboards on their walls!

Fine Design-325-Edit-2

Looking for some design inspiration? X marks the spot! Excite your creative side by taking a stroll through FINE Design’s library.

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Open work spaces encourage collaboration and movement while free hanging curtains can be closed to create informal meeting rooms.

Want to see more of FINE Design’s new space? Check out their blog for an even more in-depth look at their new home and be sure to check out the awesome design work coming out of FINE’s offices!

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