Bluecadet: Experts on Interactive Experience Design

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The Firm: Bluecadet

Principals: Josh Goldblum, founder & CEO; Troy Lachance, executive creative director

Total Staff: 27 + frequent canine visitors, including Doris, a pit bull, and Ziggy, a miniature greyhound

Founded: 2007

Notable Clients: MoMA, Smithsonian Institution, Doctors Without Borders, National Geographic, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lapham’s Quarterly, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, The Field Museum, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute, The National Baseball Hall of Fame

I can’t remember how I first came across Bluecadet’s website, but I do remember that the digital agency’s website is what led me to its work, and its work—as well as the creatives behind it— demanded to be featured. The Philadelphia-based agency works with clients around the world—primarily museums, cultural institutions, universities, and nonprofit organizations such as MoMA, The Smithsonian Institution, University of Pennsylvania, and National Geographic—focusing on strategy and interactive experience design.



The creatives at Bluecadet collaborate with their clients to “educate, engage and entertain through digital technology,” says Josh Goldblum, founder & CEO. Take one look at their websites, mobile apps, immersive environments and interactive media (including touchscreens, projections and games) and you’ll see how devoted they are to this mission.

“As digital storytellers, we are dedicated to bridging technology and culture in the service of human connection,” says Goldblum. “We like to align ourselves with clients whose work connects and inspires people, and makes a positive impact in the world. Museums, cultural institutions and nonprofits often have the best stories and the most important messages. We are driven by a genuine commitment to the missions of these clients.”


Bluecadet is based “in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood—a former manufacturing district that has been experiencing a creative renaissance in the past few years,” says founder and CEO Josh Goldblum. “The first floor of our space houses LMNL Gallery, which explores the intersection between contemporary art and technology. … On First Fridays, the gallery is open to the public, drawing newcomers and the local art/design community to our space.”

Of all their clients, the creatives at Bluecadet hold museums closest to their hearts—and for good reason. Principals Goldblum and Troy Lachance met while they were both working as at the Smithsonian Institution, and that’s when they learned of their shared passion for using technology in the service of culture.

“This led Bluecadet to pursue work with organizations whose missions we admire,” Goldblum says. “We think of ourselves as approachable perfectionists who believe in the power of digital technology to change the way we look at objects and information, encouraging shared experiences and exchange, and making learning more like play.”


The agency has assembled a diverse team to pursue its admirable goals—a team made up of strategists, designers, developers, illustrators, animators and photographers with backgrounds in art, history, architecture, sociology and other disciplines, Goldblum says. “By combining these disciplines and promoting a culture of communication between team members, our work blurs any distinct line between design, technology and innovation.

“Our hope is to continue to perfect and evolve our craft, advance our design thinking, and create cutting-edge products that are moving and engaging, helping the organizations with whom we collaborate accomplish their missions.”

Additional work from Bluecadet:

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