New Creative Workspaces at Pope Wainwright & Wykes


Following Pope Wainwright’s exciting partnership with Seattle-based designer David Wykes, the stronger-than-ever Pope Wainwright & Wykes refreshed its creative workspaces in both Seattle and London to reflect both the partnership and a rebrand.



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The firm’s new creative workspaces clearly reflect its values. “One of these values is transparency, which is why we have an open-plan office where everyone can see what everyone else is doing, and clients can come in and really feel the creative energy and buzz of the team—rather than being whisked off to a meeting room,” says Charlotte Renton, insights and marketing lead at Pope Wainwright & Wykes.

The workspaces also generate a fresh energy and help to encourage both creativity and teamwork.  “We value collaboration, which is why we encourage hot-desking. Our team will sit next to different people every single day, to encourage communication amongst the many different discliplines of design that we are involved with.” The creatives also use their walls as pinboards in order to cultivate a more collaborative environment and encourage the sharing of ideas.

“The center of our space is the sofa area, which has a bright pop of color with the yellow—this is to lighten up the internal palette and reflect our playful and vibrant personality,” Renton says. “It has become a focal point for the studio, and the color helps to remind people not to forget to move around and use the different breakout spaces.” The breakout spaces in the new workspace both encourage movement and help creatives get comfortable.

“We also have an area at the front of our studio with a brand wall, where we celebrate our successes and [it’s] a lovely area to walk through every morning,” Renton says.

PWW-London-Studio9Pope Wainwright & Wykes is taking it a step further by using their new digs to inspire other industry creatives, clients and partners via creative workshops.

“The reaction has been positive so far, and we have gained new clients from them,” Renton says. “The workshops are embracing people into the essence of PWW, as they are greeted by our resident puppy Beags, who has become a bit of a mascot/ambassador for us.” She adds that the firm’s “friendly, energetic and non-corporate environment” seems to resonate with people.

“The worshops are very participatory, and we challenge people to think about why they wake up each day,” Renton says. “We get them excited by their own individual potential, and the effect that they can have on their brand. We inspire them with the latest trends and often this leads [to] a ‘brand’ or ‘retail’ safari around town. These workshops are very flexible and are never the same. We design them around the people that are coming in, and the industry that they belong to. We also try to make them as informal and interactive as possible.”






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