Design Firm Owners

When you own a design business, you face a whole new set of challenges including: long-term business planning, design management, attracting and positioning your firm for smart growth. David C. Baker, a small business consultant who specializes in the creative industry, wants to help you manage obstacles and achieve success when it comes to your design business. Look for his expert advice here.


Promote Thyself

There is no magic formula to "nailing it" when it comes to self-promotion. Be you. Designer Chad Michael knows exactly who he is and has created what might possibly be the most stunning business card.

Primer: Pricing Tips for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

Pricing design work is an important and challenging topic for creative professionals, so here’s a roundup of the most popular posts on how to price creative services. 3-Tier Pricing Strategy That Works Like Crazy via Ed Gandia’s Smarter Freelancer Podcast. How Laura Foley used the 3-tiered pricing technique the day after she learned it from Jason Blumer at...