Celebrate International Design: Brazilian Edition

Last year we spent some time spotlighting a handful of countries from around the world, celebrating the work happing there—from some gorgeous graphic design coming out of Germany, to a selection of inspiring work from Italian designers, to some fun branding created by Australian firms.

This year, as we near the extended deadline for the HOW International Design Awards (Sept. 25!), we bring you some design inspiration from Brazil, where they just celebrated the 195th anniversary their country’s independence. The work coming out of Brazil is nothing short of enthralling, and we hope that you all join us in giving these creative studios a virtual fist bump.

Design Inspiration from 7 Brazilian Graphic Design Studios

1. Relâmpago Design

From a teaser presenting the lineup at a rock’n’roll festival created by beer brand Hocus Pocus, to the branding and digital interface design for a crazy-cool (and futuristic) burger joint concept, to the branding for a hybrid celebration of alternative and independent creative scenes in Rio de Janeiro, the work of this Rio-based creative office demands attention.


brazilian graphic design

2. Casa Rex

Casa Rex had five wins across five categories of the HOW International Design Awards last year alone. Wowza! They also have an office in London, and their team of about 50 people develops strategic design for global brands, plus original design for editorial, corporate and environmental projects, as well as cutting-edge experimental design for anything from typefaces to homeware.

brazilian graphic design

3. Superbacana+

Superbacana+ is more than just a design office (hence the ‘+’ sign). Since its inception, its grown to encompass art education initiatives, publications and more. Now, they assume their “multidisciplinary character by creating a mutant space, able to shelter both the creation of books, logos and other beautiful things,” as they state on their website. The team has also been recognized in the HOW International Design Awards.

brazilian design

4. D’Or Consulting

D’Or Consulting is a communication agency that partners with companies to help them both engage and educate their employees in order to improve both health and business results. As a part of Brazil’s largest independent hospital network, they have the medical know-how that allows them to deliver impactful interactive, social, digital and print campaigns for their clients. Check it out below.

brazilian graphic design

brazilian graphic design

5. Tundra

Tundra, the independent studio of the designers Claudio Portugal and Karina Abicalil, develops both commercial and authorial projects in the areas of graphic design, branding, digital interfaces, video and animation. On their website, they state that they believe in “instinctive and experimental creative processes.” We love how this comes through in their dynamic work. See for yourself below.

brazilian graphic design

brazilian graphic design

brazilian graphic design

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6. Greco

The HOW International Design Awards–winning Greco specializes in visual identity as well as editorial and wayfinding design. Owned by Gustavo Greco, who was a PRINT Designer of the Week this year, the studio operates on the believe that “design, when appealing to the senses, makes evident the differences between brands and materializes their purpose,” according to the studio’s website.

brazilian graphic design

brazilian graphic design

7. Pianofuzz

The Pianofuzz team says that the studio was formed by people who have both a passion for learning and a desire to grow.

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