Designer Spotlight: Futura


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Contributed by Grant Wenzlau

Art provided by Futura


We value the experimental reform message and intelligent provocation.
Valoramos la experimentación, la reforma del mensaje y la provocación inteligente.

We believe in the atypical, in the truth of function over form.
Creemos en lo atípico, en la verdad de la función sobre la forma.

We celebrate clear content.
Celebramos el contenido claro.

We are an independent Design Studio.
Somos un Estudio de Diseño Independiente.


Futura is an independent design studio founded by Vicky Gonzalez and Ivan Garcia in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2008. In the seven years of their existence they have built an impressive portfolio showcasing a beautiful and wide-ranging array of work in art direction, branding, editorial, and packaging design.

Growing from nothing to serve a large and international clientele, Futura has had to create and continually refine a process that allows for creativity to flourish while working within the constraints of a fast-growing business.

Although they work internationally, Futura is deeply rooted to their place and the heritage of Mexican culture. This comes through in their designs, which feature geometric shapes and bright colors. But they are not simply echoing stale designs or symbols of the past; they are working to redefine and reposition how the world conceives the aesthetics of this region. And it is evident with firms like Futura, popping up throughout Mexico, Mexican design has a bright and colorful future.


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