Celebrate International Design: Italian Edition

When the HOW team gets into International Design Awardsearly-bird deadline August 13—mode, we all get the urge to travel to Germany, Australia, Brazil (the list goes on an on)—all the places from which we’ve seen breathtaking design that impresses esteemed judges and finds its way into the pages of HOW magazine.

Unfortunately, we can’t always hop on a plane to head to our country of choice, so we’re thankful that the internet allows us to virtually immerse ourselves in the design from any part of the world we choose.

This week, we explore the work being created by today’s designers and firms in Italy. Scroll on for a look at 41 projects out of Italy.

Italian Graphic Design: 41 Projects to Inspire

Work from Teikna Design

[The project above was recognized in last year’s International Design Awards in the Direct Mail category (see the project details + all of last year’s winners here). That’s right—entries are judged by project type rather than industry or region, so posters are up against posters, annual reports against annual reports, etc.—no matter where in the world you reside. Enter your best work today!]

Work from Progetty

Work from Adoratorio

design by Adoratorio; Italian graphic design

Work from Fightbean

Work from Studio Up

Work from Neotokio!

Work from Manuela Misani

Work from Rossa