Lloyd&Co.: Taking Brand Campaigns to New Levels


Visual. Spirited. Strategic.

Three words that describe Lloyd&Co., from the founder and creative director himself, Doug Lloyd. But what does that mean, exactly? As Lloyd puts it, the creatives at Lloyd&Co. are themselves spirited individuals, and in constantly fostering visual sophistication and storytelling, they craft strategic solutions for their clients and help to create engaging experiences for their consumers.

“We like to describe ourselves as provocative yet sophisticated, always purposeful for our clients’ needs,” Lloyd says. This means that they have processes in place to ensure that they’re not just filling a need for a client, but taking it further by considering how the brand’s narrative will play out across various touch points. “We understand that modern lifestyles encounter countless interactions, and make it our job to ensure that a brand’s narrative has continuity throughout all of them—be it package design, in-store displays, TV, digital or print advertising,” Lloyd says.

work by Lloyd&Co.: Taking Brand Campaigns to New Creative Levels

Of course, designing for this and for the increasing influence of digital and social media for advertisers is the mission of many firms today. It should be noted, however, that Lloyd&Co. makes it a point to approach their clients’ needs more holistically.

“We’re not just a print-first, TV-first or digital-first agency,” Lloyd says. “The market’s shift to digital does have us bringing more integrated approaches and strategies to clients, but we still maintain our belief in the power of traditional media. From the start, we set out to bring the essence of a brand to life through strong and captivating imagery. Ultimately, we want to create consumer experiences that engage and excite people—no matter the platform.”

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Lloyd&Co. has quite an impressive list of clients—Adidas, Justin Timberlake and Gucci, to name just a few. The creatives are particularly proud of their recent work with adidas—including the re-launch of Stan Smith in 2015. Lloyd notes that the launch’s wild success led to additional partnerships, like the adidas Originals = Pharrell Williams “Pink Beach” collection from spring 2016.

work by Lloyd&Co.: Taking Brand Campaigns to New Creative Levels

Without a doubt, Lloyd&Co.’s ability to build complex and unique campaigns for big clients is thanks to each and every individual on the team. “The breadth and diversity of our team’s cultural and professional backgrounds plays an enormous role in our work, both creatively and strategically,” Lloyd says. “The diversity of our team, and our offerings, is something I’m immensely proud of.”

It’s also indisputable that Lloyd&Co.’s understanding of often overlooked factors—both the importance of applying constant novelty to a brand’s ethos and the huge role that fashion and culture play in a brand’s evolution—keep prestigious brands coming back to them.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to provide creative visual storytelling to new and established brands,” Lloyd says, adding that it’s always a pleasure to work with renowned brands. “While they often have very well-established and recognizable aesthetics, we enjoy looking at these brands through fresh and modern lenses, refreshing their brand narratives as we do so. We are true listeners and collaborators, and work closely with our clients to ensure the vision we are providing is aligned with their view of how the brand will be defined for generations to come. Our clients have amazing stories to tell, and we love to bring these stories to life on entirely new creative levels.”

work by Lloyd&Co.: Taking Brand Campaigns to New Creative Levels

But sometimes, “new creative levels” mean putting time and energy into things that just won’t work. There are few lessons more valuable, Lloyd says, than learning when to move on to a new approach. “Sometimes, you have to let ideas go,” he says.

In looking forward, Lloyd notes that although they’ve done a lot of work in the luxury fashion industry, they’ve also worked with iconic brands like VitaminWater. “We would love to continue working with brands in lifestyle, beverage and beyond moving forward,” Lloyd says. “We also have some great work set to break this fall for existing clients like Narciso Rodriguez and adidas Originals.”


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