Edgy Design from The Bold Creative

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Every now and then, a reader of HOW nominates a firm they feel should be recognized for top-notch work, and let’s be honest—when aren’t we eager for great creative work to fall into our virtual laps? So naturally, we were thrilled to hear about the experimental and edgy design from India-based creative agency The Bold Creative.

The Bold Creative is small. We’re talking seven people. And it’s young, too—founded in 2014. Which makes it all the more awesome that the team has garnered a long list of clients including Wishberry, Flipsicle, Caratlane.com.


Edgy Design to the Masses

“We’re the guys you call when you need help creating things,” says the agency’s founder, Vanshaj Kapur, a 23-year-old Indian film and design enthusiast. “Campaigns for social media, ad films, full-length films, designing websites and apps from scratch, we do it all.

“Think of two circles: design and communication. We’re the part where those two meet. People come to us because they’re too busy working on their idea or aren’t aware of how best to package their idea, we step in and take over from there, conceptualizing and executing and freeing up their time to go to cocktail parties.”

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Kapur goes on to note that every team member at The Bold Creative is driven to channel their abundant creative energy into useful directions, solving problems for clients and creating work that consistently exceeds what they’ve done before.

“We’re basically a bunch of hyperactive hypercreative kids who need to stay engaged. And that ties in with our philosophy as a team. The Bold isn’t a bunch of guys who log in at 10, and tap out at 6 and switch off their cellphones on weekends. We do what we do because we love doing it and can’t do without it. Most days, we finish a project and don’t even realize that it’s 2 in the morning. But that doesn’t take away from the experience because there’s this immense satisfaction that kicks in like a bag full of endorphins.”




Bold Work (and Coffee and Humor)

As you might have guessed based on the staying-up-till-2-in-the-morning deal, large servings of coffee and an even bigger sense of humor are essential for this agency. “All of us, as a team, just love the person who discovered coffee and if he’s still alive (Why wouldn’t he be? He probably hasn’t slept in 300 years) we would all do anything he wanted,” Kapur says. “Anything.”

T8078We can all see that the agency is churning out some impressive work, but Kapur believes that their voice is what makes the agency truly stand out from the pack. “A voice that is quirky, a voice that is a bit irreverent, a voice that makes you grin,” Kapur says. “There’s a reason we call ourselves The Bold Creative.”

If you fancy a visit to the agency’s creative workspace, it sounds to us like you’ll find the team creating awesome things while chugging coffee, all while brainstorming on doors. Yes, doors. After a space renovation, The Bold Creative found itself with an abundance of them.

“What do you do if you wake up and suddenly find an extra door in your house?” Kapur says. “Just lying there like the miserable piece of wood that it is. We didn’t want to throw them out, we didn’t want to hurt their feelings. So during the last days, Kevin, our chief UX designer suddenly said, ‘Why don’t we use them as whiteboards?’ And that just blew our minds. So that’s what we do now. We have a door in every room, leaning against a wall, that we use for brainstorming sessions. I still can’t believe it took us that long to come up with that.”

When asked about his hopes for the future of the firm, Kapur was unsure he could even answer such a loaded question. “Do we hope to become one of the best creative agencies this world has ever seen? Yes. Do we hope to have enough Cannes Golden Lions that we use them as paperweights? Yes. Do we hope that we get to a point where creative directors around the world have nightmares about us? Yes.

“But why limit ourselves to that stuff? We could totally be so much more.”

edgy_design_Film_ABA_11 edgy_design_Film_ABA_13

Film work by The Bold Creative:



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