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hugeThe Firm: Huge, Brooklyn, NY

Principals: Aaron Shapiro, Shirley Au

Total Staff: More than 950 globally

Founded: 1999

Notable Clients: Google, Nike, FX, Gucci, Comcast, Lowe’s Home Improvement

At the heart of every good design project is the group of people for whom it is intended. For Brooklyn-based design firm Huge—which has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America—making sure those people are present is a must. That’s how it continues to help companies craft products, services and experiences that people love—and that’s why it’s a leader when it comes to digital innovations.

“We start by asking how a product or service can make people’s lives better in some way, or how we can tell people about a product or service they’ll be interested in, in a way that’s not annoying,” says Jon Jackson, global creative director. “Our projects are run by small teams who believe in what they’re doing, and we make our clients true partners in that team. We then don’t stop working until we’ve made something great together.”



_digital-innovationsBut Huge is improving more than just its clients’ success—it’s making waves in the industry, too. “There are very few companies that can claim to have designed and built the range, quality and scope of digital products and experiences that we have,” Jackson says. “People who have worked at Huge have thrown themselves at opportunities to fundamentally make the web a better place—and to help some of the world’s biggest companies enable new types of experiences.” He also notes that Huge has quickly established itself as “an institution for design and technology with user-centered thinking at its core.”

What does the future hold for this forward-thinking firm? Jackson hopes that Huge will continue on its trailblazing path, making each project better than the last, collaborating with the best of the best and repeatedly raising the bar as digital experiences become even more integrated into our everyday lives.

Perhaps Huge will achieve this via the unusual number of axes it keeps handy in the studio. “We partnered with Best Made to create a custom Huge-branded axe to give to people who have worked here for five years or longer,” Jackson says. “The axe is a great example of how at Huge, we chip away and iterate on an idea to make it simple and great. That, and it looks really cool on a desk.”

Additional work from Huge:









uv09dtfrsdycl7uh6y0dJason Bender: Creative Right Now—How Extreme Deadlines Can Drive Digital Innovation

Feeling the deadline pressure, wanting to throw up your hands and scream “There is not enough time to create great work!”? Don’t despair and give up. Jason Bender guides you on how to use that pressure to produce quality work.

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  • See real success stories of projects made better having been driven by tight deadlines
  • Learn how to set a team up for success, even in the face of a daunting turnaround time