IdeaWork Studios: Branding and Interactive Experts

IdeaWork Studios Inc., a full-service branding and interactive agency with offices in Santa Barbara, New York and Las Vegas, is one of those firms we love to hear about that’s proving that oftentimes the biggest work comes from small offices.

Even going into their fifteenth year, there’s no big-agency bureaucracy behind IdeaWork Studio’s stunning creations for clients such as Jean-Georges Restaurants, Ian Schrager Company, MGM Resorts International, Sydell Group Ltd., Le-Bernardin, CRUNCH Fitness, Hard Rock Hotels, Charlie Palmer Group, and Chelsea Hotels. They do it all with a team of 15, providing excellence and efficiency to boot.

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We talked with IdeaWork Studios’ founder and chief creative officer Jay Schwartz to find out a little more about how the studio continues to churn out excellence. Of the firm, Schwartz says, “We create, nurture, and guide luxury and hospitality brands online and off. We’re storytellers through visual and interactive media. We provide elegant and intelligent solutions to business problems.”

designing-and-building-websites-from-start-to-finish500Schwartz goes on to note that IdeaWork offers both top-notch creative as well as top-notch technical to its clients, without having to freelance anything out. They do this in order to control the level of work they produce and to control costs. “Everything we do is bespoke,” Schwartz says. “We never use templates or off-the-shelf software.”

Recently, the studio worked with the world’s leading raw food chef, Matthey Kenney, creating for him a new website for his burgeoning enterprise.

“Matthew Kenney is the expert in raw food,” says IdeaWork Studios’ founder and chief creative officer Jay Schwartz. “This site is incredibly substantial. It was built to solve business problems for the chef and his growing empire, which includes his restaurants, education platform, TV shows, branded products, consulting services, and other arenas of innovation and information—it’s remarkably far-reaching.”

design firm; design studio; IdeaWork Studios

Schwartz goes on to note that it was IdeaWork Studios’ task to create a site that would reflect Kenney’s philosophy on food (keep it clean and unprocessed) both aesthetically and functionally.

“Matthey Kenney’s cuisine begets an unprocessed elegance, and this new site—in design and architecture—showcases this completely,” Schwartz says.

And as for the future of the firm? “The past 15 years have been a wild ride,” Schwartz says. “We’ve built some amazing relationships, and I hope that those can continue long into the future. We’re doing more international work, so there may come a point where we need to expand internationally in order to better serve those relationships.

Additional work from IdeaWork Studios:

design firm; design studio; IdeaWork Studios

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