K&i and the Humanistic Approach to Design

by Karl and Ida Mynhardt, owners of K&i

Editor’s Note: K&i, a creative design agency run by husband-wife team Karl and Ida Mynhardt, reached out to HOW to tell us about their newly updated identity and relaunched website. After chatting a bit, we were intrigued to learn how living and working in Cape Town, South Africa (after previously living and working in London) has influenced the agency’s work. Read on for a few words from K&i about the hands-on, humanistic approach the creatives now take when it comes to design.


K&i-unicef-esaro-report-2We find inspiration in everything, and often the most random things. We look, we listen, we smell, we taste and we feel. It’s about being open to seeing the world around us, always looking, always digesting, always thinking. We are influenced by the physical, psychological and sociological aspects of life, and inspired by it all.

It is because of these inherent characteristics why our ways of creating design have changed since relocating countries. The everyday visuals we see are different: the signs, the colors, textures, structures and the people. There are also great disparities between rich and poor, new and old, smooth and rough. There is a realness, honesty and warmth in people that make this country such a beautiful place. And all of this influences our work.




We want to do good design for good people and are selective about the work we take on. We want the work we do to matter, to have impact and to touch people on an emotional level. You could say we have a humanistic approach to our work. An all time favorite quote of ours is “don’t mistake legibility for communication” by David Carson. His quote pretty much sums up our sentiment toward design.

We believe a handmade touch has the chance to deliver a message that speaks to people on a different level, to be more human, more approachable, more believable, more real. It is the imperfections that make it more human. It’s the imperfections that make it perfect. We assess each project and when the fit is right we choose the hands-on approach.

Additional work from K&i:









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