Small Design Firm Spotlight: KittenChops

KittenChops-portraitThe Small Design Firm: KittenChops, Seattle
Principal: Zaara KittenChops
Total staff members: 1
Founded: 2003
Notable clients: Seattle Children’s Hospital, Theo Chocolate, Starbucks

You might trace KittenChops’ beginnings all the way back to Hungary, where a young Zaara KittenChops assembled collages from her own drawings, handlettering work and any Western packaging she could get her hands on—especially soap boxes and candy wrappers—during the country’s socialist era. Fast-forward to today, to the distinct branding and illustration work coming out of the Seattle-based studio, and you’ll find it exudes a vibrant, happy charm that KittenChops has connected to all her life.


T8078“I always work toward not only providing a great design solution but, in addition, visually drawing out the soul of a project,” says KittenChops, principal of the eponymous studio. “My goal is to deliver both for the mind and the soul.” This approach elicits what KittenChops calls “Heart-Opening Energy,” a feeling of joy and connection felt by the viewer.

500X500_Beyond-the-Color-Chart-Bootcamp“I love creating inspiring illustration and design work for clients I adore and whose projects make me happy,” she says. “I feel that I’m living my creative dream-life while hoping to be at service for the greater good and prosperity of all.” This motivation is especially evident in the studio’s work for Seattle Children’s Hospital, where KittenChops’ imaginative style has turned exam room doors and surgery portals into smile-inducing art pieces.

“My work carries a distinctive emotional charge. … It inspires and moves the viewer to be open to [the] message. My clients confirm that reaching their target audience on this deep level allows them to create an especially positive impression that brings a high value to their message and brand,” KittenChops says.

With a name like KittenChops, you can bet there are also cats in the picture. The studio features portraits of KittenChops’ cats that inspire her. She draws additional inspiration from “visually exciting, foreign-language magazines, books and movies” and aspires to sell merchandise featuring her illustrations internationally.

KittenChops-Theo-Congo-Bars; small design firm

Theo Congo Bars by KittenChops

KittenChops-Carmio-mural; small design firm

Carmio mural by KittenChops

KittenChops-SChildren's-Surgery-mural; small design firm

Seattle Children’s Surgery mural by KittenChops

KittenChops-SChildren's-Phlebotomy; small design firm

Seattle Children’s Phlebotomy


Phinney Bars packaging design

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