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Get essential tips and advice from the brightest minds in the design industry delivered to your desktop in a live presentation. Tune in to Design Webcasts, graphic & web design webcasts. These online, interactive design webcasts are presented by industry experts and noted consultants. They last about an hour and include a Q&A session toward the end where you can get answers to your specific questions on the Design Webcast topic. You can attend these online learning sessions live, or access the version at a later date.

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3 Lessons Marketers Stole from Athletes

3 Lessons All-Star Marketers Stole from Athletes

Marketers don’t rise to the top by relying on luck, just like athletes don’t become all-stars by relying on natural talent. It takes mastering the fundamentals to become truly elite at your profession.

Join this webinar to learn:

      • Why 100% effort doesn’t equal 100% productivity
      • What the best fuel is for increased creativity on your team
      • How to justify all-star budgets and resources for your creative team

Date: Mar. 3
Time: 1 p.m. ET
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Cohesive UX: Successful User Experiences Across Platforms

3 Cohesive UX: Successful User Experiences Across Platforms

With the ever-increasing ubiquity of screens and devices, cohesiveness is progressively imperative to successful user experiences across platforms.

Recent examples include the version notes in an update to the Apple Store app for iOS: “Now start shopping on one device and finish on another, or even on your Mac or PC.” Or the observation made by a tech news site following the redesign of Spotify: “Another key factor behind the design overhaul is for Spotify to feel familiar across all platforms.” There are countless other examples.

This 1-hour webcast examines what’s required to deliver a cohesive, consistent user experience regardless of where the digital experience begins, continues, and ends.

In Cohesive UX: Successful User Experiences Across Platforms, you’ll learn:

      • Learn common DOs and DON’Ts for successful cross-screen design.
      • See examples from teams big and small who are successfully adapting to the rapidly changing world of digital design./li>
      • Discover how exemplary multi-platform design goes beyond Responsive Web Design, encompassing the entire user experience.

Date: Mar. 5
Time: 1 p.m. ET
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Design Catalyst

Design Catalyst

Find out how you can balance both the craft of design and how design processes fit into the big picture in this Design Webcast with Matthew Muñoz.

Matthew will delve into questions like: Why can a designer serve as a catalyst for broader impact? How do we bring a design mindset to organizational opportunities and wicked problems? Why is a design-driven approach useful to aligning interests, uncovering mindsets, and creating common ground? How do we create a space where people can focus on forming the future with intent?

In Design Catalyst, you’ll learn:

      • Explore key areas of the design thinking process.
      • Discover a broader role designers can and should pla
      • Find out how to bring diverse groups of people together into a creative space.

Date: Mar. 12
Time: 1 p.m. ET
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“Design Funny: A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Humor” written and illustrated by Heather Bradley

It’s time to stop taking graphic design so seriously.

All-natural, free-range and gluten-free, Design Funny: A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Humor is an entertaining yet practical guide to the lighter side of the design profession. Inside you’ll find inspiration, advice and visual gags from comedy juggernauts The Onion, Comedy Central, Funny Or Die, MAD magazine, JibJab, Cheezburger, as well as dozens of top creative agencies, talented freelance designers and professional comedians. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get…

              • 300 witty images
              • 175 contributing designers
              • 42 ways to design funny
              • 10 quizzes to reveal your sense of humor
              • 6 serious reasons to pitch funny
              • 0 bullshit*

Discover how you can use 42 principles of comedy to transform your visual communication from ho-hum to ha-ha. Find out what your client or boss needs to hear in order to buy into your funny ideas. Learn astonishing facts about design and humor theory from science, psychology and history. Whether you’re an aspiring designer, design expert or just like funny pictures, you’ll get a kick out of seeing the method behind the madness of designing funny.

* May contain trace amounts of bullshit as deemed unavoidable by the design profession.

Date: Mar. 18
Time: 1 p.m. ET
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The 5 keys to Happy Clients and Smoother Design Projects

Do you find working with clients a challenge? Do you have a hard time convincing them of your ideas and keeping them happy? Do you believe that building a website would be much easier if clients stopped interfering?

This 1-hour webcast proposes a different model for working with clients, one where the designer and client work in a collaborative relationship. Where the client is at the heart of the process. After watching this webcast you will produce better design, projects will be more satisfying and clients will be happier.

In The 5 keys to happy clients and smoother design projects, you’ll learn:

          • How to gain the respect of you clients and be treated as an expert.
          • How to improve the way you communicate with your clients.
          • How to save time and money by educating clients about best practice.
          • How to successfully collaborate with your clients.
          • How to gather feedback from clients that helps rather than hinders the design process.

Date: Apr. 15
Time: 1 p.m. ET
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