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Get essential tips and advice from the brightest minds in the design industry delivered to your desktop in a design workshop. Tune into our Design Workshops, presented by industry experts and noted consultants. We realize the busy schedule of designers, so all of our workshops are ondemand and are typically open for 1 week. You can access the workshops at any time during that week, plus you get an additional 6 months read-only access to the workshop videos and material.

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Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tips & Tricks

When: Oct. 3 – 30

Of all the applications in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Photoshop is the one that touches the broadest range of creative professionals. Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, videographer or 3D artist, chances are that Photoshop is a mainstay in your software toolbox. Every year Adobe releases a new version of the program, with additional updates added throughout the year. Keeping up with all the amazing new features can become a part time job.

HOWU’s Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor, Bill Carberry, provides practical advice on how to get the most out of Adobe software. In this course, you will learn how to create custom workspaces for workflow that really work, integrate Illustrator and Photoshop, automate repetitive tasks plus print a 3D model and much more!

In Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tips & Tricks, you’ll learn:

  • Fix the Undo command so it works the way you want
  • Select text & pixels with 1 click
  • Create vector shapes including round corner boxes and arrows
  • Automatically load layers into Photoshop
  • Find Pantone colors in an image
  • Easily change text color & move text
  • Use the History Panel as a time machine
  • Work smarter with Smart Guides
  • Plus Smart Objects & Smart Filters
  • Optimize performance, even on older computers

Brush Lettering I

When: Oct. 5 – Nov. 16

Brush pens are a terrific, no fuss way get started with hand lettering, and this six-week class will get you started at an easy pace. Of course, practice is integral to your success, but with plenty of it, at the end of the class you will have a good grasp of, and will easily be able to execute a nice brush pen lettering style using this versatile tool.

This workshop is for those who want to learn the basics of brush/hand lettering. Start off the course with learning the basic supplies needed for brush lettering and how to use them, then delve into strokes and the beginning of hand lettering letter forms. As you work your way through this workshop, you will develop your own personal style of brush pen lettering.

In Brush Lettering I, you’ll learn:

  • What brush pen lettering supplies you need and how to use them
  • Basic strokes to create letters, numbers and symbols
  • Practice exercises that will help you form many kinds of letterforms
  • Individual letter strokes
  • Alphabet stroke sequence
  • Numbers and symbol stroke sequence

Marketing 101 for Designers: Strategies and Tactics

When: Oct. 7 – Nov. 7

Andy Brenits returns to HOWU with a new workshop focusing on marketing basics for designers.

Marketing today is all about driving customer engagement and influencing people to make the “buy” decision for products or services. Today’s designers need to have a solid understanding of marketing in order to ensure that they are solving visual communications challenges strategically, and not just creating design for the sake of design (AKA “pretty pictures”). Understanding basic business strategies, like marketing, will empower designers to be a better solutions partner for their clients, whether they are in-house or freelancing.

In Marketing 101 for Designers: Strategies and Tactics, you’ll learn:

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Marketing vs. sales
  • How to influence the buy decision
  • Evolution of marketing
  • 7 P’s of the marketing mix
  • Advertising vs. promotion
  • 5 characteristics of the elevator pitch
  • How to draft a marketing plan
  • Getting the word out

Web Design 101 for Designers – Part 2

When: Oct. 10 – 24

If you are a designer looking to add web design to your repertoire, then this workshop is for you. This workshop is part 2 or a 2 part workshop.

In lesson one Web Design for Beginners: Essential Tools and Concepts, you’ll learn:
After the first workshop in this series, you’re familiar with the language and conventions of web design. Now — how do you actually start designing? This lesson will explain how sitemaps, wireframes and grids are essential to web design and introduce you to usability concepts.

You’ll learn:

  • What programs are most effective for web design
  • How to plan for designing a website
  • The basics of information architecture and usability

In lesson two,Web Design for Beginners: Working on the Web, you’ll learn:
You’ve got a solid grasp on the concepts of the web and how your design skills transfer to the web. But this is just the start of your web design education. This lesson wraps up all you’ve learned in the first workshop and in lesson 1 of this workshop and prepares you to become an effective web designer.

You’ll learn:

  • What you should be designing for
  • Best practices for working with a development team
  • How coding skills can be helpful in going further
  • Where to go to learn more

Storytelling with Microcontent

When: Oct. 17 – 31

Microcontent boosts social media strategy to a new level. These bite-sized infographics contain essential information that’s easily shareable and digestible. Sharing concise visuals will cut through the noise of social media and help viewers retain the information you want them to know. If fact, social media posts with visuals have 94% more page views than posts without.

In this workshop, visual storytelling firm Lemonly shares the best practices for creating microcontent. Learn from a Lemonly designer as she creates a diminutive, but catchy, visual in Adobe Illustrator while pointing out key considerations for designing social media graphics. Wait, there’s more! Lemonly also demonstrates how non-designers can quickly create engaging microcontent from existing visuals that will easily disseminate their message across social media channels.

If you’re looking to up your social media marketing game, this workshop is for you.

In Storytelling with Microcontent, you’ll learn:

  • What is microcontent
  • The power of visuals
  • How to make social media graphics for different social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snap Chat
  • How to drive your social media marketing with visual storytelling
  • How to create understanding through microcontent
  • How to transform an existing long-form infographic into a bite-sized visual that’s ready to share on social media
  • Advice for non-designers on creating microcontent from existing graphics
  • Top considerations when designing microcontent

The 3 Biggest Problems with Your Review and Approval Process (And How to Fix Them)

When: Oct. 19
Time: 1 pm ET

As a marketer, you always have too much to do and too little time to do it. But the biggest barrier to meeting deadlines for most marketers is managing the review and approval process. In fact, 92% of marketers cite approval delays as the top reason they miss deadlines.

The review and approval process has become so complex; more versions, more reviewers, more approvers, and more types of content than ever before. How can you keep projects on track and on time?

Join Workfront as we tackle the top three obstacles in your review and approval process:

  • Waiting for feedback takes too much time
  • Organizing and sifting through too many versions
  • Reviewing so many different content types (each with their own process and platform)

Cheating Death by PowerPoint for Designers

When: Oct. 31 – Nov. 7

PowerPoint. The very mention of it is enough to send many designers screaming from the room. But have you stopped to consider how much potential business you’re walking away from by avoiding PowerPoint? And do you realize how easy it can be to use PowerPoint to market your own business? In this workshop, PowerPoint expert Laura Foley will present some compelling reasons to change your mind about the world’s most popular presentation design software.

You’ll learn how to create presentations that blend in with an organization’s existing marketing mix, following the same style guidelines as other collateral. Through a series of before-and-after slide makeovers, Laura will demonstrate how the same graphic design principles you’re already familiar with can be used to improve problematic slides.

As well as gaining skills that will benefit your clients, you’ll also learn how to use PowerPoint for promoting your own business. Laura will show you how to create a portfolio you can bring with you on your mobile devices and how to create videos that you can use in your content marketing efforts.

You’ll come away from this workshop knowing how you can use PowerPoint to better serve your clients, increase your marketability, and create effective self-promotion.

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