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Get essential tips and advice from the brightest minds in the design industry delivered to your desktop in a design workshop. Tune into our Design Workshops, presented by industry experts and noted consultants. We realize the busy schedule of designers, so all of our workshops are ondemand and are typically open for 1 week. You can access the workshops at any time during that week, plus you get an additional 6 months read-only access to the workshop videos and material.

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Typography 101: Letterform Design II

Typography 101: Letterform Design II

When: Sept. 12 – 26

Typography is one of the most essential and omnipresent fields today, and while Type Design is only a part of the larger typography field, it is indispensable for learning how to perceive the intricacies of typographic perception. In this course, Dr Shelley Gruendler of Typecamp, will guide you through the process of designing your own type. This is part 2 of a 2 part workshop. This workshop continues where Typography 101: letterform Design I ended. You will need to take the first workshop in this series before you can take this second workshop.

This class will help you to learn the details of typographic perception through basic letterform design. This workshop doesn’t just show you how a letterform is created, you will also get hands-on experience designing all of the lowercase letters of the alphabet.

In Typography 101: Letterform Design II, you’ll learn:

  • Typographic nomenclature
  • Basic letterform design
  • Positive/negative space balance

Photoshop Fundamentals

Photoshop Fundamentals

When: Sept. 19 – 25

Photoshop is the standard across multiple industries when it comes to manipulating images. In this workshop we will learn some of the more practical applications of Photoshop and how to use them for work in the real world. This workshop includes hands-on demonstrations of Photoshop including layers, masking, pen tool and smart objects.

In Photoshop Fundamentals, you’ll learn:

  • The Photoshop Tools and interface
  • Photoshop Layer Basics
  • Creating Shapes and Objects with the Pen Tool
  • Masking Objects and People From Backgrounds
  • Smart Objects
  • Photoshop Effects
  • Basics of Photoshop Typography

The Future of User Experience Lies in Your Hands

When: Sept. 26 – Oct. 2

Despite what many think, user experience is not just the domain of designers. What is more, it definitely does not stop at the user interface. Creating a great user experience involves people from across an organization coming together. So whether you are a designer, developer, project manager or marketer this presentation is for you.

In this workshop, user experience expert Paul Boag reveals the truth behind this misunderstood subject. He encourages you not to stop at designing screens but take UX further than ever before. Most of all he equips you with the tools you need to put user experience at the heart of your organization.

In The Future of User Experience Lies in Your Hands, you’ll learn:

  • What user experience is
  • Why user experience matters
  • What you can do to start improving the user experience in your organization
  • Understanding the users’ context
  • What context involves
  • How the context will influence our design

The 3 Biggest Problems with Your Review and Approval Process (And How to Fix Them)

When: Oct. 19
Time: 1 pm ET

As a marketer, you always have too much to do and too little time to do it. But the biggest barrier to meeting deadlines for most marketers is managing the review and approval process. In fact, 92% of marketers cite approval delays as the top reason they miss deadlines.

The review and approval process has become so complex; more versions, more reviewers, more approvers, and more types of content than ever before. How can you keep projects on track and on time?

Join Workfront as we tackle the top three obstacles in your review and approval process:

  • Waiting for feedback takes too much time
  • Organizing and sifting through too many versions
  • Reviewing so many different content types (each with their own process and platform)

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