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Get essential tips and advice from the brightest minds in the design industry delivered to your desktop in a design workshop. Tune into our Design Workshops, presented by industry experts and noted consultants. We realize the busy schedule of designers, so all of our workshops are ondemand and are typically open for 1 week. You can access the workshops at any time during that week, plus you get an additional 6 months read-only access to the workshop videos and material.

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Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tips & Tricks

When: Mar. 2 – 16

Of all the applications in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Photoshop is the one that touches the broadest range of creative professionals. Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, videographer or 3D artist, chances are that Photoshop is a mainstay in your software toolbox. Every year Adobe releases a new version of the program, with additional updates added throughout the year. Keeping up with all the amazing new features can become a part time job.

HOWU’s Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor, Bill Carberry, provides practical advice on how to get the most out of Adobe software. In this course, you will learn how to create custom workspaces for workflow that really work, integrate Illustrator and Photoshop, automate repetitive tasks plus print a 3D model and much more!

You’ll also learn how to get your money’s worth out of Adobe Illustrator! Whether you are using Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) or the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), these timeless tips and tricks will make you familiar with and efficient in Illustrator.

Establish efficient workspaces based on optimal workflows that really work. Learn how to setup Artboards for multiple mobile device screen sizes, including popular phones and tablets. Discover how Symbols save time and automate creating artwork for adaptive and responsive websites.

In Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tips & Tricks, you’ll learn:

  • Fix the Undo command so it works the way you want.
  • Select text & pixels with 1 click.
  • Create vector shapes including round corner boxes and arrows.
  • Automatically load layers into Photoshop.
  • Find Pantone colors in an image.
  • Easily change text color & move text.
  • Use the History Panel as a time machine.
  • Work smarter with Smart Guides
  • Plus Smart Objects & Smart Filters
  • Optimize performance, even on older computers

Principles of Client Centric Design

When: Mar. 6 – 13

Do you find working with clients a challenge? Do you have a hard time convincing them of your ideas and keeping them happy? Do you believe that building a website would be much easier if clients stopped interfering?

A growing number of web designers are abandoning client work because they find it too difficult. They can no longer deal with clients who micro-manage, who second-guess decisions and who expect the impossible. This course will change that. It will show you how to make client work rewarding and enjoyable. It will leave you with happier clients, high profits and repeat business. Most of all it will change your attitude to your job.

Client centric web design is a different way of building websites. It’s an approach that puts the client at the heart of the process, rather than excluding them. It turns the client from a hindrance into a partner. An equal partner involved throughout the production process.

Paul Boag will provide essential knowledge on how to bring better client-designer relationships to the forefront of your designs. After completing this workshop, you’ll have the tools and resources to approach your clients in a productive manner. Sign up today and start engaging in successful client relationships.

In Principles of Client Centric Design, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand how your current approach to client work is broken.
  • How to help you set client expectations.
  • How to establish a more healthy relationship with clients.
  • How to become perceived as the expert.
  • How to understand the importance of education and presentation.
  • How to introduce some principles of collaboration.
  • How to empower you to better justify your decisions.
  • How to enable you to gain more useful feedback.
  • How to be able to constructively deal with disagreements.

3 Steps to Your Ideal Client + Surprise Guest!

When: Mar. 14
Time: 1 pm ET

BA Free Webinar with Ilise Benun, Host of HOW Design Live’s “Get Better Clients Bootcamp”

If you want better clients, the first step is to know who exactly you’re looking for. Otherwise, you will waste your time on loser prospects who can’t afford and/or don’t value your creative services. Plus, you won’t know which are the most effective marketing tools to reach the good ones.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Ilise Benun will walk you through the simple steps to identify your “ideal client.” Then, she will interview – live and in real time – a surprise “ideal client” so you can hear directly from this surprise guest what they are looking for and how to market to them.

Brush Lettering I

When: Mar. 15 – Apr. 26

Brush pens provide a terrific, no fuss way to get started with hand lettering. In this six-week course, you’ll discover the letterform fundamentals. Know that practice is integral to your success in lettering design. At the end of the class, and with plenty of practice, you will develop an aesthetic, brush pen lettering style.

Learn from Type Camp’s lettering extraordinaire, Xandra Zamora. A wide-range of publications, including InStyle Weddings, Wedding Channel magazine, Modern Bride, People magazine, and U.S. Weekly, feature Zamora’s beautiful lettering designs. She teaches you stroke-by-stroke how to create beautiful, elegant brush lettering that’s perfect for invitations, stationery designs, social media marketing posts, advertisements and more.

This workshop is ideal for those who want to learn the basics of brush/hand lettering. It starts with learning the basic supplies needed for brush lettering and how to use them. Then it delves into strokes and the beginning of hand lettering letterforms. Create your own personal style of brush pen lettering as you work your way through this workshop.

In Brush Lettering I, you’ll learn:

  • What brush pen lettering supplies you need and how to use them.
  • Basic strokes to create letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Practice exercises that will help you form many kinds of letterforms.
  • Individual letter strokes.
  • Alphabet stroke sequence.
  • Numbers and symbol stroke sequence.

5 Essential Infographic Design Principles

When: Mar. 23 – 31

Learn the five most important infographic design principles with fun, bite-size lessons. Equipped with new knowledge and vocabulary, you will be able to design killer infographics for your slides, posters, handouts, blog post visuals and other graphics that will impress your boss, co-workers, and clients. Successful and attractive visual communication is critical in today’s business world. Learn how to master this skill.

This workshop provides information, examples and tools that you can integrate into your work right away. Everyone is busy, so the lessons are concise and actionable. Join us for this course and get started on creating great slides and other visual communications!

In 5 Essential Infographic Design Principles, you’ll learn:

  • How the “hero” leads the page.
  • How to leverage and create content relationships.
  • How to organize the page.
  • How to create recall and build your visual brand.
  • How to use color to express band attributes.
  • How to evaluate design and determine revisions.

Cheating Death by PowerPoint for Designers

When: Mar. 27 – Apr. 3

PowerPoint. The very mention of it is enough to send many designers screaming from the room. But have you stopped to consider how much potential business you’re walking away from by avoiding PowerPoint? And do you realize how easy it can be to use PowerPoint to market your own business? In this workshop, PowerPoint expert Laura Foley will present some compelling reasons to change your mind about the world’s most popular presentation design software.

You’ll learn how to create presentations that blend in with an organization’s existing marketing mix, following the same style guidelines as other collateral. Through a series of before-and-after slide makeovers, Laura will demonstrate how the same graphic design principles you’re already familiar with can be used to improve problematic slides.

As well as gaining skills that will benefit your clients, you’ll also learn how to use PowerPoint for promoting your own business. Laura will show you how to create a portfolio you can bring with you on your mobile devices and how to create videos that you can use in your content marketing efforts.

You’ll come away from this workshop knowing how you can use PowerPoint to better serve your clients, increase your marketability, and create effective self-promotion.

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