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Get essential tips and advice from the brightest minds in the design industry delivered to your desktop in a design workshop. Tune into our Design Workshops, presented by industry experts and noted consultants. We realize the busy schedule of designers, so all of our workshops are ondemand and are typically open for 1 week. You can access the workshops at any time during that week, plus you get an additional 6 months read-only access to the workshop videos and material.

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Principles of Client Centric Design

A growing number of web designers are abandoning client work because they find it too difficult. They can no longer deal with clients who micro-manage, second guess decisions and expect the impossible. This course will change that. It will show you how to make client work rewarding and enjoyable. It will leave you with happier clients, high profits and repeat business. Most of all it will change your attitude to your job.

In Principles of Client Centric Design, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand how your current approach to client work is broken.
  • How to help you set client expectations.
  • How to establish a more healthy relationship with clients.
  • How to become perceived as the expert.
  • How to understand the importance of education and presentation.

When: May 26-29
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Letterform Design 1

Typography 101: Letterform Design I

Typography is one of the most essential and omnipresent fields today, and while Type Design is only a part of the larger typography field, it is indispensable for learning how to perceive the intricacies of typographic perception. In this course, Dr Shelley Gruendler of Typecamp, will guide you through the process of designing your own type. You will delve into the process of font design and get expert feedback on your designs.

In Typography 101: Letterform Design I, you’ll learn:

  • Typographic nomenclature
  • Basic letterform design
  • Positive/negative space balance

When: June 6-Jul 3
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