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In addition to regularly programmed Design Tutorials, HOW & Print selectively partners with sponsors who share the common goal of spreading information to designers that will help them do their jobs and run their businesses best. Take advantage of these free webinars by selecting any one of the titles below and adding to your design knowledge with the click of a button — and for free!

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How to Build an Online Portfolio that Stands Out in a Crowd

Design for mobile devices with Adobe Muse CC

Photoshop CC for Designers

What’s New in Adobe CC 2014

New ways to take Adobe Illustrator CC artwork to any screen

Designing Responsive Websites with Adobe CC Tools

What’s new in Adobe CC for Designers

What’s new in Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Muse CC – Scroll Motion Effects

Discover What’s New in Adobe Illustrator CC


5 Ways to Prove the Value of Your In-House Creative Team: Part 2

5 Ways to Prove the Value of Your In-House Creative Team: Part 1

Just Enough Process: A 5-Step Guide to Increasing Your Creativity

Dispelling the Illusion of Productivity: 5 Unproductive Phrases Creatives Say and How to Avoid Them – Phrase 4 – Just trying to keep my head above water

Creative Team Productivity Myth: Saying “Yes” is Best

Winning at the Game of Marketing: 6 Common Obstacles to Marketing Team Success and the Cheat Codes to Beat Them


The 8 Second Challenge


Teach your clients new tricks: Request, Review, Approve

Maximize Your Creative Team’s Efficiency and Reduce Risk

Monotype Imaging
Create Beautiful, Readable Web Content with Typecast