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7 Design Resources for Creatives Who Do It All

Being a designer these days requires a diverse and multidisciplinary skill set and unique design resources. While your strength may lie in logo design, it’s important to understand business development, web design and typography as well. Freelancers need to understand color theory, creative strategy and socially-conscious design. No matter what your area—or areas—of expertise,...


Breakthrough Website Design Success

As a web designer, it’s your job to increase conversion rates for your clients. Many web designers find that bounce rates are still high, even after working hard to ensure that their keywords are refined and their pages are fully optimized. What’s a designer to do? To help designers through this struggle, Dr. Bill...


Take a Design Course Online: 12 Courses Starting in October

This is the perfect time to learn a new skill or expand on your existing knowledge by taking a design course online. Brush up on your web design skills, learn how to create motion graphics, or tackle typography in one of the courses available at HOW Design University—HOW’s virtual university—taught by esteemed designers who...