12 Summer Sale Picks: Design Books, Magazines, Collections and Kits


I tend to find myself feeling a bit glum as summer draws to a close. The weather is too hot to inspire much activity, and the greenery of spring has sizzled to a parched brown.

But instead of resigning myself to lethargic dawdling this year, I resolved to enjoy the shade and catch up on all of those design books I’ve been meaning to read.

Fortunately, my sudden bibliophilia coincided perfectly with MyDesignShop’s Virtual Summer Tent Sale. With select design books, magazines, collections and kits up to 75% off, I knew I needed to stock up.

Do you have a hankering for design books and resources to hone your skills or tickle your creative fancy? See all of the Virtual Summer Tent Sale items here.

If you’d prefer to see the highlights, check out my top picks from the sale:

Discount Design Books

I’m a staunch bookworm, so the design books available at the Tent Sale are certainly the main attraction for me. These are just a few of my favorites, so be sure to check out the dozens of books available at the Virtual Summer Tent Sale.

By Stefan Mumaw

t1030Creative Boot Camp is Stefan Mumaw’s 30-day creative training program that will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas. The book begins by exploring what creativity is and isn’t, how we can train ourselves to improve our own ideation, and what steps we need to take to generate more ideas and better ideas for our creative selves, our creative projects, our creative businesses, and our creative lives. Complete the Creative Boot Camp and discover how relevant and novel your ideas can be.

By Austin Kleon

t4552In this New York Times bestseller by Austin Kleon, discover ways to get in touch with your artistic side, and realize the truth of the idea that “art is theft.” Creativity is everywhere, and for everyone, and in order to be creative, you don’t need to be a genius, you merely need to be yourself. Enjoy the positive message and graphic aesthetic of this book, and utilize illustrations, examples, and exercises to bring new fervor to your creative process. Discover your own path by embracing influence, collecting ideas, and adding your own twist, because nothing is original.

By Axel Albin and Josh Kamier

Z8884Put down that can of spray paint and see what other graffiti artists/messengers are creating on buildings, fences, sidewalks, walls, roads and landscapes all over the world. Based on the Website of the same name, Written on the City is packed with over 200 color images from cover to cover. Like all inspired art, this stunning collection has its thumb on the pulse of international cities where the meanings of the messages are every bit as thoughtful as the artistry that creates them.

By Jim Krause


Designing a logo is a fundamental part of graphic design. So wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a logo book out there that did more than just plop hundreds of already finished logos in front of you? That’s where The Logo Brainstorm Book comes in. In The Logo Brainstorm Book you’ll find lessons on symbols, monograms, typographic logos, emblems, color and more!

By Aled Lewis

w7397Toy Confidential is for pop-culture buffs of all ages, but particularly those who grew up in the 80s. The author has a growing profile online and is attracting attention from art galleries, magazines and online stores like Threadless and inPRNT, which are selling Toy Stories shirts and posters.


Design Kits and Collections


Brander, typographer, or web designer—what kind of designer are you? Chances are that as your career in graphic design progresses you’ll be approached to do many different types of work from mobile web development to posters and stickers, packages and logos and everything in between. Be prepared to take on that job with confidence with this new multi-disciplinary kit designed to help you learn the ins and outs of great design and best practices in today’s most popular graphic design avenues. See what’s inside the Multi-Disciplinary Designer Kit.

All About Color Ultimate Collection

shutterstock_60001306(2)Color catches our eye and sets the tone of everything for everyone. In this collection you will gain knowledge in how to use color to communicate and influence actions. This collection includes books on color palettes including their RBG, CMYK, and HEX codes. The conference presentations by Leatrice Eiseman and Jim Krause will help improve your skills with using colors. Refresh your skills; take a look at the latest color trends because after all, color communicates before the words have a chance. See what all is included in the All About Color collection.

septkotm-wordpressIn the Ultimate WordPress Collection, we’ve taken the hesitation out of creating your own WordPress site. You’ll learn everything you need to know to develop, design and maintain your own WordPress site. This value-packed collection takes you through everything:  Signing up, setting up a domain, choosing and installing a theme, writing posts, creating pages, using plug-ins and add-ons and so much more! See what’s inside the Ultimate WordPress Collection.

Back Issues of HOW + Print Magazine

Get select back issues of HOW Magazine and Print Magazine at the Virtual Summer Tent Sale up to 75% off! Each one is less than $4.00, so stock up! Here are a few of my favorite back issues:

how_0713_1 PR0412

1113_novemberissuehow500 v9060_1

There are dozens of other items available during the Virtual Summer Tent Sale at MyDesignShop.com! See all items on sale here.