Superhero or Super skeptical?

superhero2Early Adopter or Laggard? 

“Early Adopter” sounds like a superhero’s name and “Laggard” his arch nemesis, doesn’t it? I can imagine Early Adopter fighting Laggard and his cohorts in an attempt to quash their crime of complacency.

Early Adopters are also referred to as “Lighthouse Customers,” because they serve as a beacon in the vast wilderness of stuff. In other words, Lighthouse customers are the trendsetters, the key testers of a product or service. They have a strong social influence and feel comfortable not only reviewing new opportunities, but also suggesting ways to improve them.

As a design magazine, HOW curates and features stories on trends, examples of design implementation, new technologies and more. It is a “Lighthouse Brand” that is read by more than 50,000 professionals working in and for hundreds of industries, creating thousands of designs that reach millions of consumers. Our readers consume information from HOW not just for themselves, but also for the audiences they are trying to reach in their own work. New technologies and innovative ideas offer a competitive edge or a new revenue stream and the rate of adoption can be extremely fast.Our readers consume information from HOW not just for themselves. The new technologies and innovative ideas oftenlighthouse offer a competitive edge or a new revenue stream and the rate of adoption can be extremely fast.

According to the theory, Diffusion of Innovations, there are five stages that affect a Rate of Adoption – Knowledge, Persuasion, Decision, Implementation and Confirmation. Why should you care? Innovations may be driven by tech companies, but nothing can be done without employing a designer to create images, art, pictures and illustrations for many of the technology platforms. It is certainly the decade of tech, but the drivers pushing it forward are the designers, creative directors, art and graphic directors and creative teams.

How do you keep an eye on adoption rates that directly affect designers? HOW’s community is far-reaching and its individuals diverse. Each month, HOW magazine features topics and trends learned through communicating and connecting with our audience. Design is not a static field. It is fluid and the work diverse.

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