3 Free UX Design Videos from Patrick McNeil’s New Course

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500x500_WireframePrototypeIf you read my usual posts, you know I’m always trying to learn more about interactive design, and especially UX design.

That’s why I was indescribably thrilled when Patrick McNeil offered to share the first three tutorials from his new HOW U course UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes—for free!

The entire course contains 38 videos for a total of five hours of learning material. The course starts Monday, May 26, so register at HOW Design University with code PMCNEIL to get 20 percent off registration.

In the meantime, check out the first three parts of Lesson 1 from UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes.

Lesson 1, Part 1: Course Introduction

Patrick recommends that anyone taking the course or interested in UX design should check out the book Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide by Todd Zaki Warfel.

Lesson 2, Part 2: The Basics

Lesson 3, Part 3: Before You Wireframe

Have you enjoyed it so far? Register for UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes to  complete the course!

About UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes

In the UX design process, wireframing enables you to create a static blueprint of the information on a website, structured according to a logical hierarchy. It simplifies the process of planning the layout of each page, making your website cohesive and user-friendly. Wireframing is particularly helpful when designing responsive websites because it enables you to build a website featuring menus and content that are functional and appealing on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

After you’ve created your wireframe, interactive prototyping allows you and potential users test the functionality of your website on different devices and acquire feedback about the usability of your design so you can fix any problems right away.

UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes will take your basic UX design skills to the next level by delving into wireframing and prototyping strategies. It works great as a standalone course for UX designers who want to hone their skills, or experienced web designers who want to learn the user-centered design process.

Designers who know UX design principles are currently in high demand because designers and clients alike are focusing on responsiveness, usability and aesthetics. I’ve learned recently that learning how to create strong wireframes and prototypes is an excellent way to ensure that your web designs are optimized for all three.

Experienced designers will find this course helpful for expanding their knowledge of UX design methodologies, while novices will be able to start on the right track.

In this course, you’ll explore the wireframing and prototyping processes from start to finish, guided by Patrick’s instructions for creating your own wireframes and prototypes. He’ll show you best practices for wireframing and prototyping so that you can see how these processes fit into in the UX designer’s workflow. Discover how wireframes and prototypes can make you a more productive web designer and streamline your methods with this course.

UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes begins Monday, May 26, so register today with code PMCNEIL to get 20 percent off registration! Learn more at HOW Design University.