3 Reasons to Learn Animation Design

Want to learn more about Adobe’s animation design tools? Check out Brian Wood’s independent study on using Adobe Edge Animate in interactive design.

Motion Graphics and Animation DesignAnimation design is an increasingly crucial skill, especially for interactive designers. Many designers are well-acquainted with the process of creating animations, but it’s easy to stick with static images if that’s your forte.

A wide variety of software is available for designers seeking to create motion graphics—most notably Adobe After Effects, an app that allows you to build digital motion graphics, visual effects and composites.

With its broad range of tools, After Effects is a wonderful resource for creating professional, sleek animations, but because it is complex, it can be difficult to use.

Fortunately, Sean Brodbeck is teaching An Introduction to Motion Graphics Using After Effects, a brand new HOW U course on animation design. In this course, Sean will cover everything you know to start creating and animating graphics in After Effects.

With video lectures on motion graphics, animation principles, processes, storyboarding, file preparation, layers, rendering, effects, animated typography and more, this course takes a comprehensive look at what it takes to create your own motion graphics and animations.

To give you an idea of the motion graphics you can create with Brodbeck’s course, check out the video he created for Knight ETF using After Effects:

Knight ETF Animation – Loop from Power Design on Vimeo by Sean Brodbeck

Check out An Introduction to Motion Graphics Using After Effects at HOW Design University, or keep reading to learn why learning animation design is crucial for interactive design.


3 Reasons to Learn Animation Design

1. Animation supports strong website design.

If you want to make a truly eye-catching website design, animations and motion graphics can be a great way to keep visitors engaged and clicking. Plus, with the increasing prevalence of responsive sites and parallax web elements, animation design is the latest staple in web design processes.

2. Animation design is an uncommon skill.

Many designers focus on image creation, but even among interactive designers, animation design can be a rare skill. Motion graphic design looks great on a resume, and it can be an impressive addition to a design portfolio. As a result, designers who know how to animate the graphics they create are in high demand.

Companies and clients that hire designers may look for designers who can seamlessly animate a logo for an advertisement, or filmmakers may look for designers who can creating an engaging title sequence. Regardless of the context, animation design is a great resume bullet that will expand your repertoire and job prospects.

3. Animation design is a growing art form.

From simplistic gifs to the sophisticated the sophisticated 3d animation featured in Pixar films, animation design is not a new art form, but it is an art form that’s increasingly more accessible with programs like After Effects.

Learn about animation design in An Introduction to Motion Graphics Using After Effects to create sleek, professional animations for any design project.

Brodbeck-Headshot-120x120Sean Brodbeck is an interactive designer and Adjunct Professor at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia where he teaches courses in both web design and animation. He earned his BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design in 2010 from the Tyler School of Art and has been teaching design courses at his alma mater ever since. Sean specializes in digital media, specifically in animation with After Effects and in the design/development of websites in an ever changing digital landscape. He enjoys staying on top of the digital world and problem solving just as much as he does enjoys sharing new knowledge with his fellow freelancers, coworkers, students and friends. When he doesn’t have his nose to the grindstone, he’s probably looking for an excuse to spend some time outdoors.

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