4 Reasons Designers Should Learn How to Edit Video

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 “Everything tells a story: Narrative and documentary video, motion graphics, and websites.” – Andrew Gormley

Intro-to-Final-Cut-Pro-X-500x500Many interactive and multimedia designers are required to understand how to edit videos in Final Cut Pro X, but it can be a challenging program to master.

Fortunately, Apple-certified Final Cut Pro X editor Andrew Gormley is teaching a brand new HOW Design University course that shows you how to tell compelling stories with video. Based out of Philadelphia, Andrew has almost seven years of experience in filmmaking, video editing and interface design for clients ranging from Mom and Pop shops to Fortune 500 companies.

In Intro to Final Cut Pro X, you’ll learn advanced video editing concepts such as audio synchronization, multi-cam editing, and color correction—among many others.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to buy Final Cut Pro X to complete the course! You can download the program demo and you’ll still have time to complete the course before the 30-day trial period ends.

Intro to Final Cut Pro X begins July 21, 2014. Register today! Enter discount code FINALCUT at checkout to take 20% off registration.

With the discount code, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of creating and editing videos in Final Cut Pro X for only $135.20!

Even if you’ve never worked with video before, this fun, in-depth course will provide you with all of the necessary skills to create beautifully designed videos—and add Final Cut Pro X to your skillset on your resume.

Andrew will cover editing techniques for documentary and narrative video projects, starting with a walkthrough of the Final Cut Pro X interface and working all the way through to delivery methods—both digital and physical.

He’ll provide footage you can use to tell a story that is uniquely yours, and at the end of the course, you’ll have everything you need to start working in the field as a video and motion graphics designer with Final Cut Pro X.

Some of the footage you’ll work with is from the following video Andrew made for CreativeMornings, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community in Philadelphia.

CreativeMornings Philadelphia Application from Andrew Gormley on Vimeo.

Need more reasons to learn video editing in Final Cut Pro X? Here are 4 more:


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4 Reasons Designers Should Learn How to Use Final Cut Pro X

Video is a versatile, growing medium.

Video is a growing medium—both in general and for interactive designers. As an artistic medium, video enables creatives to tell stories in a way static images can’t.

Not only do interactive designers need to know how to edit video, they also need to be able to tell visually and thematically compelling stories. With video, graphic design becomes more about storytelling than in any other medium. It also allows for more versatility than many other media. The possibilities are endless. In Intro to Final Cut Pro X, Andrew will guide you through that process from start to finish, including storytelling, layout, color, distribution and more.

It will expand your career opportunities.

More people watch video online than ever before—and on a wider variety of devices than ever before. And because video editing in Final Cut Pro X can be a challenging skill set to master, video editors and producers are in high demand across a broad range of industries. Nearly half of all marketing and advertising executives say they have trouble finding creative professionals with a diverse skill set.

Learning how to use Final Cut Pro X will open doors to interactive and multimedia design jobs. Need proof? Check out our Design Job Board to see just how many employers are seeking designers with final cut experience.

You’ll earn more.

On average, designers skilled in video editing and production made between $57,250 and $80,000 in 2013. These professionals need to be able to manage video projects from conception to production. Final Cut Pro X is the industry standard for video design, animation design and motion graphics design, so proficiency in the software is absolutely crucial, as is a good understanding of video format and playback codecs, editing systems and practices.

It’s great for self-promotion.

Video portfolios and video resumes are a growing trend. They’re a quick, easy way to show off a wide range of work—as well as your video editing skills. You can tell potential employers about yourself, your work and your experience all in one place. Whether you’re looking for clients or a job, or you’re just looking to get the work out about your work, a well-done video resume or video portfolio stands out among other digital self-promotion pieces.

Ready to jump in? Register for Intro to Final Cut Pro X and get started with your best video projects today.

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