5 Must-Have Apps for your Business


Don’t look now, but the mobile revolution is gaining on you. According to comScore, “Multi-platform consumption is today’s new reality. 1 in 3 minutes spent online is now spent beyond the PC.”

With so much talk about apps, you probably wonder what all the fuss is about and more importantly, how does it affect you. Consider this from comScore: “The past year saw mobile media consumption grow exponentially as smartphone adoption surged nearly 30 percent to more than 120 million owners, while tablets emerged as one of the fastest selling devices in history to reach nearly 50 million owners. Tablets have already achieved a level of adoption in three years that it took smartphones nearly a decade to reach from when they were originally introduced.”

So how does it affect you? Well, that depends. Do you want to be successful? Is it important to have a competitive edge in your industry? iPhone and Android apps are rapidly becoming the norm in a very crowded marketplace. How do you stay in front of your customers? Through a mobile app using these features to stay connected:

1.  Event Update List – Events can be many things – tradeshows, issue updates, story posts or upcoming sales. In short, any kind of update that keeps you in front of your audience is a great fit here.

2.  Blog Posts – Your blog feed should be part of the app you create. Manipulate the content by hyperlinking a phrase or keyword back to store item, an event or registration for a newsletter or conference.  In essence, what you ultimately want is to continue to drive traffic and “eyes” to your site or portal, building engagement and encouraging feedback.

3.  Newsletter Registration – I’ve heard it said often – “Email addresses are gold,” especially an opt-in email address recipient anxious to receive your daily or weekly content newsletter. Permission-based marketing expands an audience and is a start to building a loyal customer base.

4.  Contact Us – On a mobile app,  a contact listing can be just a click away by highlighting a phone number or email address. Make sure you and your staff are easily accessible, using direct dial numbers as often as possible.

5.  Social Media – Every one of your blog posts or event updates should include a social media ‘like’ or ‘share.’ Not only is it a way to get your message out, shared and liked posts are third party endorsements, holding more weight than a single post. Retweets and shares can also have a longer life as they cycle in and out of social media accounts.


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