Win a Design VIP Subscription! 5 Reasons to Be on Google+

We’re giving away 5 Design VIP Subscriptions just for following us on Google+!

Event ends April 3rd, but the networking goes on forever. If you’re already a HOW Google+ Follower, you’re in the running. If not, simply click on the “Follow” button on our Google+ page. If you’re not even on Google+, I’ll tell you why you should be.

HOW Design VIP Contest: Google+ Contest

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google-plus-logo-640_thumb[1]What is Google+?” I know this question has run through your mind. It’s definitely entered mine several times over the past year. I’m pretty social media savvy, but Google+ has always seemed to stump me…until now. I have spent the last several weeks immersing myself into the Google+ culture, connecting with Google+ communities and following influencers. It’s time for you to join me. Not only will you enjoy it, we will continue to provide you with tips and tricks on using Google+ as a resource for your business and we will conquer this dynamic social media platform together.

What will you really gain from Google+ that you can’t from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Linkedin?

  1. Google Loves Google: Your Google+ profile gets a turbo boost in search.
  2. Intelligence Gathering: Google+ has some of the most active communities where sharing and collaboration is encouraged. Joining a community of people that share the same business or passion that you do offers great insight and intel.
  3. Celebrity Status: Google+ profiles allow you to include photos and a brief description about yourself. Your profile showcases your posts, photos, videos and reviews (if you make your account public), basically a virtual showcase of your talents.
  4. Power: Even if power isn’t your thing, a simple click on the Google+ icon  gp for a story and you’ve helped elevate that content in search. Share your own blog post with images of your work and gain your own +’s. Now you have become an influencer. Best of all, your + endorsements are visible in Google search to your followers – with your profile picture adjacent – smiling back at a potential client or peer.
  5. Win a Cool Business Tool: Beginning today, March 20th through April 3rd, HOW Magazine is giving away five Design VIP subscriptions. The lucky winners gain access to our industry leading content and one-year subscriptions to both HOW Magazine and Print.  A $300 value just for the magazines! Winners will also enjoy 10-15% off of educational programs and webinars as well as free shipping in the U.S.

Are you ready to join us? Here’s our Google + page – Make sure you click to follow us. See you there!