7 Design Resources for Creatives Who Do It All

Being a designer these days requires a diverse and multidisciplinary skill set and unique design resources. While your strength may lie in logo design, it’s important to understand business development, web design and typography as well. Freelancers need to understand color theory, creative strategy and socially-conscious design.

No matter what your area—or areas—of expertise, you’ll find great design resources to help develop your business strategy, match colors, or design for good in the collection below. What’s your passion?

7 Design Resources for Multidisciplinary Creatives

For the freelance designer:

Pricing, Proposals and Positioning for Freelancers

a series of design resources from HOW Magazine

In this download from HOW Magazine, freelancers—those new to the game and old pros alike—will benefit from expert advice on constructing proposals, determining positioning and setting prices. If you’ve ever wondered how to better manage your money for profitability or which potential clients are just jerking you around, this download is for you. Plus, salary trends give insights into how much others in the industry are making, information on what influence you have over the course of a project (and what you are powerless to weigh in on), and advice on composing the perfect proposal and contract. Get it here.

Design Resources for Freelancers

For the designer who works with color:

Pantone® Plus Series Color Bridge Coated & Uncoated Set

Bridge solid Pantone Colors for process printing or web design. The Pantone Plus Series Color Bridge Set provides process color simulations of all solid Pantone Colors — including all 644 exciting new hues — in a convenient side-by-side comparison format. Also new this year are Artist Edition Covers.

An invaluable multi-use color reference tool, Color Bridge can be used to select and specify solid Pantone Colors, to determine how a Pantone Color will appear when reproduced in CMYK, or to create optimal display of Pantone Colors on monitors and web pages. This product includes a free download of Pantone Color Manager Software, a $49 value, upon product registration. Get the set here.


For the typographer:

By Denise Bosler

In Mastering Typography, typography expert Denise Bosler teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about the art and science of typography. She details the fascinating history, gives you the correct terminology for pieces of the letter you probably didn’t even notice were there, and shows you how it all comes together. Get it here.


Check out Denise Bolser’s Virtual book signing to hear what she has to say about the book:

For the web designer:

By Christopher Butler

In The Strategic Web Designer, Christopher Butler will teach you how to think about the web, and in doing so, prepare you to lead web projects from the critical inception phase through to the ongoing nurturing process every website needs. That’s what web strategy is all about: having a comprehensively informed point of view on the web that enables you to guide a web project intentionally, rather than reactively. BONUS: Chris Butler’s design tutorial, Google Analytics for Designers—a $69.99 value for FREE! Get the book and the download here.


For the logo designer:

v9741The Logo Brainstorm Book: A Comprehensive Guide for Exploring Design Directions

By Jim Krause

Designing a logo is a fundamental part of graphic design. So wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a logo book out there that did more than just plop hundreds of already finished logos in front of you? That’s where The Logo Brainstorm Book comes in.

In The Logo Brainstorm Book you’ll find lessons on:

  • Symbols
  • Monograms
  • Typographic Logos
  • Type + Symbols Combined
  • Emblems
  • Color
  • And more

Check out a this two-minute video preview of The Logo Brainstorm Book by Jim Krause-hosted by a rabbit:

For the socially-conscious designer:

Just Design: Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes

For many, doing good work that also does good in the world is part of the ethos of design practice. Just Design celebrates and explores how design ignites change by compiling and displaying a vast array of inspiring people, projects and causes.

By Christopher Simmons


Just for fun:

The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man

By Brett and Kate McKay

Generation X and Y is a generation of Lost Boys. We live in a Never-Never-Land where boys stay boys and never become men. More and more males today are putting off college, family, and adult responsibilities in order to play video games and do keg stands. The Art of Manliness is dedicated to helping men uncover what manliness really means in the 21st century. What skills and knowledge should a 21st century man acquire? What traits should they develop? This book will have the answers.