7 Great Infographics Design Examples from Lemonly

Sioux Falls, S.D.-based infographics design firm Lemonly has mastered the art of visual storytelling.

Part info, part graphic, infographics help you organize and present information in an easily-digestible and aesthetically appealing way. The company seeks “to make the world an easier place to understand” via infographics design and data visualization. From NFL and MLB infographics to interactive creations for charities and marketing firms, the Lemonly team has mastered visual storytelling.

In this video, members of the Lemonly team define the term “infographic.”

John T. Meyer, the CEO and founder of Lemonly—and the last guy who spoke in the video above—also teaches a HOW Design University course on creating great infographics.

If you want to learn how to create excellent infographics like the ones below, register for John’s HOW U course, How to Make an Infographic. Register here.

7 Great Data Visualization and Infographic Designs from Lemonly

2014 Social Media Best Practices Visual Guide

“Ever wondered what some of the best ways to post your content on all of the social media channels out there are? In this visual guide we did with Vocus, we illustrated a few social media best practices for posting content on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Vine, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, and LinkedIn.”

2014 Social Media Best Practices Visual Guide Learn more about social media best practices infographic design Lemonly

Sharing is the New Buying – A Collaborative Economy Infographic

“In this project, we teamed up with our friends at Vision Critical to help visualize some key data points from their report with Crowd Companies, called Sharing is the New Buying. In a collaborative economy, people can get what they need from each other rather than buying from established brands. The report and infographic show brands that this new way of doing business will soon become a real problem for them if they ignore the numbers.”

Collaborative Economy Info Graphic - Infographic Design by Lemonly Learn more about this Collaborative Economy Infographic Design from Lemonly.

A Look at Give Local America 2014 Infographic

“In this infographic, we worked with the folks at Kimbia to help illustrate the stats from Give Local America, the 24-hour online fundraising challenge that made May 6, 2014 the largest single day of giving in U.S. history.” See the full infographic here.


Get 60 Minutes: Physical Activity in Schools Infographic

“In this interactive infographic, we worked with the Institute of Medicine to illustrate just how kids can get their 60 minutes of recommended physical activity in schools during their school day. Even with busy schedules, this graphic illustration that there are numerous ways to get the recommended amount of physical activity in every school day.” See the full infographic here.


Romance on the Road: Scenic Road Trips in the US Infographic

“There is nothing more romantic than a scenic drive with your loved one. We worked with our friends at Marriott International to help illustrate ten beautiful scenic road trips and routes in the US. Where are you going next? To see more travel infographics, check out Marriott’s project YouGoWeGo.com for destination information and travel tips.” See the full infographic here.


From Plaza to Bedrock: National 9/11 Memorial and Museum Interactive Infographic

“We were honored to work with the National September 11 Memorial and Museum to create the From Plaza to Bedrock interactive infographic. This infographic is a unique experience for learning about the design and build of 9/11 Memorial and Museum.” See the full interactive infographic design here.


25 Ridiculous and Memorable Holiday Gifts

Take a trip down memory lane with this interactive infographic that we created along with All You Magazine. Click around on the interactive graphic to see the most memorable holiday gifts. You may find that present you always wanted or that one that you stood way too long in line for. Happy Holidays! See the interactive infographic here.


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