7 Reasons to Learn Mobile Web Design

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dabbling in responsive web design and other mobile web design strategies, and I’ve begun to realize how crucial it is to learn these web skills in today’s market.

mds_mobilewebsite-500Being a relative novice myself, I was thrilled to learn about the Fundamentals of Mobile Website Design Ultimate Collection available at MyDesignShop.com. Designed to teach you the must-have skill of designing for the mobile web, the collection includes five resources—books, an independent study course and a video tutorial—to help you master the skills required to create and optimize mobile websites and mobile app designs. This comprehensive collection is perfect for both beginners and seasoned web designers. Best of all, its usual price of $323.98 has been reduced to $99!

In case you still need convincing, I’ve detailed 7 reasons you should learn how to build responsive websites and create mobile web design techniques.

1. The world is going mobile.

Of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world, more than 1 billion of them are smartphones. With that in mind, think about how often you use your mobile phone. According to Google, 85% of Americans are never more than three feet from their cellphones. Those people spend an average of 2.7 hours on their mobile devices every day—that’s twice as much time as most people spend eating in a given day!

That’s also a ton of time people are spending browsing the web. Mobile users are far more likely to stick with your website if it’s optimized for their devices, which means it’s crucial to learn mobile web design skills.

2. Mobile web design means faster, easier access.

When using smartphones, people make decisions rapidly. It’s important to be accessible to your users anywhere and anytime. Websites that are optimized for mobile have a leg up on the competition in terms of speed and convenience because users won’t have to spend time zooming in and struggling to find what they want on your website.

Mobile web design and responsive design streamline a user’s interaction with your access, meaning they can navigate faster and find what they want with ease.

3. The mobile web market is massive—and it’s growing!

Did you know that half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices? That means the competition is high, but the more you know about mobile web design, the more successful your mobile site will be.

Learn how to draw in mobile users with responsive web design techniques and well-crafted mobile websites in Visual Execution of Branding Across Platforms, a video presentation and tutorial with Cameron Moll. In this presentation from the HOW Interactive Design Conference, Cameron teaches you how to create and utilize the right types of visuals in order to invoke a desired emotional connection and response from your audience. Get it individually or as part of the Fundamentals of Mobile Website Design Ultimate Collection at MyDesignShop.com.

4. Anyone with a mobile device can access your content on the web.

Not everyone can afford the latest desktop computer, but smartphones tend to be more affordable and offer more immediate services. Because more affordable mobile devices bridge the digital divide, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the norm for a broader range of demographics.

That means you can reach a much wider audience if you create a mobile site that is compelling and easy to use. With these statistics, the choice to create a mobile website is a no-brainer.

5. Mobile websites strengthen brands.

As any designer knows, it’s crucial to make sure that your brand stands out in a unique way, especially on the web—and mobile web design is no exception. The presentation of a mobile website design can mean the difference between users lingering on sites and interacting—and leaving the site because it’s too difficult to use on a smartphone.

If you need some mobile web design inspiration, The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book by Patrick McNeil shows you what works and why, including 550 examples of the best mobile website designs and an overview of mobile apps. You can purchase this book individually, or get it with the variety of other resources in the Fundamentals of Mobile Website Design Ultimate Collection.

6. More than half of all Internet users access the web via multiple devices.

According to the Internet analytics company comScore, 53% of all web users access the Internet using a combination of personal computers, tablet and smartphones.

Any one of the users who accesses your website could be doing so from any of these devices—or more than one! Help your users make the most of their experience on your site by learning how to build mobile websites that are user-friendly and visually compelling.

7. Mobile web design is easy to learn!

With the Fundamentals of Mobile Website Design Ultimate Collection, learning how to design mobile sites and apps is easier than ever before!

There are many different components of mobile website design, and this collection introduces you to a wide variety of these skills. Explore responsive design, one of the most important aspects of mobile web design, and find out how to create a better browsing experience on different devices. You’ll discover the importance of keeping your users’ needs in mind, and learn how to make your sites as user-friendly as possible.

Follow the latest in mobile web design trends to ensure you’re on top of the ever-changing landscape of website design with the Fundamentals of Mobile Website Design Ultimate Collection, now available for only $99—that’s 68% off the original price of $329. Get this collection today at MyDesignShop.com.

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