9 Enchanting Projects Using the Pantone Matching System

The Pantone Matching System is the cornerstone of color accuracy in design. The industry standard of color keys, the Pantone Matching System has allowed designers to ensure the integrity of the color in their work for decades.

Some designers and creatives, however, look beyond the color chart when utilizing the Pantone Matching System.

The projects below take the Pantone Matching System to the next level, showcasing out-of-the-box—and, frankly—pretty meta approaches to color matching.

Have you created something amazing with the Pantone Matching System or Pantone color chips? Let us know in the comments below.

9 Enchanting Projects Using the Pantone Matching System

Pantone Beer Packaging by Txaber


This beer packaging concept by the creative agency Txaber pairs the color of the beer itself with its corresponding Pantone color—4975 C Stout and 1595 C Golden Ale, for example. See more of the packaging concepts at Txaber.net.

Todas_7701Match the color of your favorite beverage with the PANTONE® Plus Series Reference Library.

Pantone as Pixels: Color Mosaics by Txaber


Txaber also created these amazing color mosaic posters that use Pantone color chips as pixels. See all of the color mosaics here.

P_inicio_web4Marilyn_770Mario_bros_770From Txaber’s website:

“This work consists of constructing images from Pantone modules (color and its text reference). This unit is treated as a pixel. The process is to convert the images into color mosaics, then each color is replaced one by one by the corresponding pantone module. To show this process I have made several typographic images and known artwork and logos. It is a laborious process, but I think the result is interesting.”

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Pantone Food Match


The French website Griottes: Palette Culinaire features culinary color palettes with stunning photography. This display of fruits and veggies inspired by the Pantone Matching System is lovely. See more from Griottes here.


Tiny PMS Match by Inka Mathew


We’ve featured Inka Mathew’s work (more at Green Ink Studios) before, but we just can get over how adorable her Tiny PMS Match blog is. Mathew uses the Pantone Matching System to pair tiny objects with Pantone color chips in their corresponding colors. It’s tiny and adorable. See more pairings at Tiny PMS Match.

tumblr_n9mxeqhoWv1suaeyxo1_1280tumblr_n8m6c81HVR1suaeyxo1_1280Try matching your own everyday items using the Pantone Plus Series Solid Chips 2 Book Set.

Pantone Holiday Poster by Neil Brown

Designer Neil Brown created this stunning Pantone holiday poster. From Turkey Day to New Year’s Resolutions, this poster design offers a healthy dose of humor and more than a little holiday cheer. See Neil’s Behance gallery here.


Pantone business cards by Sam Winslow

Web designer and developer Sam Winslow created these personal business card designs based on Pantone swatches. See more of the design process here.

ff30c26b7f469b9dfa18461e2fd97068See more stunning business card designs here.

Pantone Street Art project by Michael Ifland

Michael Ifland created an amazing street art project in which he placed Pantone swatch-inspired frames around items he found on the street or in nature to create awesome street art that smacks of design sensibility. See more images from the project here.

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DIY Pantone Chip Magnets by Jessica Jones

Graphic and textile designer Jessica Jones created these sweet DIY pantone chip magnets using spare chips from the Pantone Plus Series Solid Chips Set for her refrigerator. Learn how to make them at Jessica’s blog, How About Orange.


DIY Pantone Advent Calendar

Brit + Co. created this lovely Pantone Advent calendar featuring one Pantone color per day. Learn how to make your own here.





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