Advice from 25 Design Pros

January has a way of getting us to reflect on our career and set new goals ahead. If only we could tap into some of the industry’s top designers’ minds to get guidance based on their experiences. How about advice from 25 designers? The HOW Designer Career Guide brings you instruction and assistance from more than 25 top designers, offering tips to keep careers fresh and flourishing.

Terry Lee Stone asked 17 design pros to give one piece of career advice to designers. How did they respond? It’s inside the HOW Designer Career Guide! Stone also encourages designers to share their strategies on how they plan to get to the next level of their career and it’s all in the Guide. Doug Bartow shares 29 tips that every designer should know.

Other authors in the HOW Designer Career Guide discuss sticky work situations and effective time management techniques as Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio offers how to “Flaunt Your Work.”

Yes, comprehensive career advice in one guide! Career counsel is essential to any professional, often giving validation to the internal voice that is reflecting and inspiring a call to action. Use the HOW Designer Career Guide as a reference and motivator. Get it now.