10 Reasons Why You Must Go to the Interactive Design Conference

Are you attending the 2012 HOW Interactive Design Conference happening in San Francisco Oct. 29-31? If your answer is “yes,” then, well done! You rock and we’re not just saying that because you’re coming to our event. You’ve made a valuable choice to expand your knowledge base to help you along in either your career or to grow your business. That’s pretty awesome. If your answer is “no,” then, let’s chat. There’s still hope and time! We promise not to bend your ear for too long, but long enough to give it to you straight: 10 Reasons Why Web Designers Must Go to the HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco.

The following list presents benefits that attendees will experience, helping them be more productive, more efficient and more effective as an interactive designer. We hope that this list serves as reasons why you should make the decision to grow your career or business by attending this fine event in the location of your choosing.

  1. I’ll hear the latest trends from Top Industry Experts. Must-see presentations by industry experts like Cameron Moll, Karen McGrane, Patrick McNeil, David Sherwin, Mark O’Brien, Aaron Gustafson, Paul Boag, Kam Diba and many others.
  2. The East Coast HOW Interactive Design Conference was a huge success. This event is unique in that we offer a West Coast and East Coast experience in order to best accomodate your travel needs and preferences. The HOW Interactive Design Conference took Washington D.C. by storm in September and attendees loved the event. The good news is that there’s still time to be a part of the HOW Interactive Design Conference West Coast event. Join us in San Francisco from October 29-31.
  3. I’ll strengthen (and broaden) my skill set. With two tracks containing a mix of real-world information and processes I can put into practice as soon I get home, balanced by inspirational work from the industry and software experts who will explore all the bells, whistles and practical features of the best design software, I am sure to strengthen and broaden my interactive design skills.
  4. It will help me stay relevant with the most important topics. Topics will be covered that matter most to today’s web designers and front-end developers, including HTML5, CSS3, typography, UX and more so that I can stay relevant.
  5. I’ll learn how to save the company money in the future. And saving the company money can help make you more valuable as an employee. Sponsored technology sessions presented by the makers of graphic design products and services are designed to help us use our tools more efficiently and cost-effectively. And at the Exhibits, I’ll meet new vendors with new solutions (and maybe even better pricing). This is all information I can put to use when we have to negotiate the purchase of new products or services. As a bonus, I’ll head home with free samples—information to fuel a future project or inspire a new process.
  6. I’ll bring back new ideas to keep our business current and on the road to success. The presenters at HOW share real-world case studies and successful processes that can make a world of difference in the way my team works and meets its goals. And with sessions on app design, new type technologies for the web and making your way in a digital world, HOW is the place to explore trends and learn new skills—that will keep our company current.
  7. I’ll make valuable connections. From networking events like morning roundtables to receptions, I’ll meet accomplished interactive designers with unique skills and experiences to share — a collaborative network I can tap long after the conference.
  8. I’ll find new books and products to continue learning long after the conference. Many of the speakers at HOW Interactive Design Conference are also authors so I can continue learning from a speaker long after the conference is over. Look for discounted copies of Above the Fold by Brian Miller, Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills and Success by Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers, both by David Sherwin, The Web Designer’s Idea Book series by Patrick McNeil and more.
  9. I can share what I learn with officemates after the conference. Combining my own notes and ideas with the session handouts provided by HOW, I’ll have plenty of inspiration and information to share when I return.
  10. My Conference costs may be tax deductible. Since the conferences of HOW Interactive Design Conference are a continuing education expense taken to maintain and improve my professional skills, registration fees, travel, meals and lodging may be tax deductible. But we should check with the company CPA just to be certain.

With that said, are you going to join your peers at the HOW Interactive Design Conference (West Coast) Oct. 29-31?