Scope’s Bacon-Flavored Mouthwash

I hate April Fool’s Day, because it’s a glaring reminder that I can’t trust my fellow human beings. Still, the extent that some companies will go with a prank is impressive. Last week, Proctor & Gamble enthusiastically announced the launch of Scope Bacon, “for breath that sizzles.” When questioned by Adage reporters, P&G’s ad agency would only comment if a non-disclosure was signed.

Accompanying the announcement was a dedicated website and hashtag – #scopebacon.


According to the story, April Fool’s Day is often coveted for its ability to pull off the absurd, while the public-at-large gives its permission to push the limits of a product that would be taboo on any other day, “Brands have been using the day to blow off steam and get some earned media buzz for years.”

Take a look at some of the other brands that Adage showcases that used April Fool’s Day to promote themselves.

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