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lovedesignBrand Equity versus Corporate Value
Identity design is quickly becoming to buzz word associated with brand equity that ecompasses all aspects of a brand from logo to consumer interaction. The difference between the #1 and #2 brand position could mean giving up millions, even billions of dollars.

“Over the past seven years, the S&P 500 increased 23 percent in market value. In contrast, the BrandZ™ Portfolio of the strongest brands appreciated 58 percent. The comparison shows that strong brands outperformed the stock market benchmark by a wide margin of 28%.”

Why do strong brands outperform companies with bigger financial assets? The answer is both complex and simple. You need only look at your own brand choices to understand what makes motivates your purchases. Which brand have the most brand equity? See BRANDZ’s infographic below:



Brand equity is so important that it motivates buying and builds loyal customers. How much do you know about branding? Our editors have pulled together a collection of the best resources available in our online store, MyDesignShop entitled Brand Strategy Development Ultimate Collection. This collection provides the foundation of building a branding strategy portfolio. Here’s the breakout:

Brand Strategy Development Independent Study Workshop was created by Dave Holston, authormds-brandstratdev-500 of The Strategic Designer. This workshop is designed to provide students with an understanding of the research and analysis that goes into developing brand values. Each lesson offers different areas of brand development from audience research to brand positioning.

HOW’s Guide to Branding offers seven steps to better brand building and advice for using color in branding. Branding expert Debbie Millman provides incredible insight into our own buying habits and what drives purchases via brand design and packaging design in the digital download Why We Buy, Why We Brand. Creative Strategy Framework assists in workflow design and organizing the creative strategy process as it relates to brand development.

The final two products within Brand Strategy Development Ultimate Collection is Making Consumers Fall in Love with Your Brand, a great OnDemand DesignCast that will help you etch out a brand’s public personality; and Archetypes in Branding, one of the best books available on the history of archetypes, brands that use archetyping and ways to incorporate archetypes. Interested in learning more?

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