The Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2018 So Far

The year of 2018 has kicked off with a bang, logos included. Already, we’ve seen some iconic logo and branding redesigns from some of the world’s biggest brands—from new media mastheads to soft drinks—while more have yet to be uncovered in the coming months. Here are some of the biggest logo redesigns we’ve seen lately that could potentially help shift design trends in the coming year.

5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2018 So Far

1. The Guardian

The British newspaper The Guardian and its magazine The Observer saw a masthead redesign on January 12. It’s the first change since 2005 and sheds light on the direction of the paper’s readership. In a redesign of its masthead to tabloid format, the new look is meant to draw in younger, millennial readers. It also brings a fresh new look for a sophisticated paper that has an older readership, as well. The logo change comes with capitalizing the paper’s name, changing the brand colors from a darker blue to a lighter one and an overall more playful look to their print front page. The design was done in-house under the leadership of the paper’s creative director Alex Breuer and his team of senior editors and designers. The headline was created in collaboration with Commercial Type, who helped develop the font, Guardian Egyptian.

2. Slate Magazine

The American news website has seen a massive revamp of its logo, homepage and font, all of which were unveiled last week. According to Jason Santa Mara, who led the in-house design team, they wanted to create a logo that reflected their storytelling process:

“Slate is not simply our website. The site is one place where Slate lives, but Slate exists in a variety of places, from social platforms like Facebook, to your podcast app, to the public spaces where we host live events. So rather than making this a monolithic redesign project, in which we look for a single design answer that will work wherever Slate lives, we are starting with a small, though important, corner of the magazine. In rethinking how we produce and design the big, splashy pieces we publish at the top of the week, we’re gathering information about what works—and how we work—and setting ourselves up to take those lessons to other parts of the whole.

3. Diet Coke

On January 10, Diet Coke unveiled its new logo and five new flavors (plus their can designs), which marks the company’s biggest marketing makeover in 36 years. With fewer people drinking Diet Coke, they’ve redesigned their logo to attract millennials, while adding new flavors to attract new customers, from cherry-flavored to mango, lime and blood orange–flavored cola. The project was created in collaboration with an advertising agency in New York City called Anomaly. While their past celebrity endorsers included Taylor Swift, this time, they’ve hired Karan Soni, an actor from Deadpool.

4. Luminor

The European luxury watch company Panerai announced on January 22 that they have redesigned the logo for their classic men’s watch, the Luminor, which traditionally sells for a base price of $5,000. The logo has been refined to have less space between the letters and puts the brand name underneath the watch’s center. They’ve also added more white backgrounds to their watch faces, whereas the brand is known to have many watches with black backgrounds. The redesign was created under the leadership of the brand’s creative director, Azi Hendi.

5. Sky News

The British broadcaster unveiled a new logo design on January 17. Similar to the old logo, the Sky News design team has taken the word “news” and made it all lowercase, whereas previously it was all caps. Alongside the font, the new typography has a more minimal, spacious touch. This new change will cover all of the network’s graphics, from the website to its microphones, and is the first change since their recent revamp in 2015, in which they ditched their 3D logo for something flatter.