Creative Branding Strategies

brandingironIf you want to visualize branding, imagine a hot poker burning into a logo that, once seared into the design, can never, ever, ever be erased. It’s that important. Now imagine that you’ve been given the task to create a branding strategy for a product that exists because thousands have died and it works only when someone is about potentially kill themselves and their loved ones. You would most likely brand it as a “safety feature” and not a product associated with dying.

SEAT, a Spanish-based car manufacturer is proud of its superior engineering. Its website touts: “SEAT presents a range of cars delivering the thrilling combination of superior engineering and pure enjoyment. Founded more than 61 years ago, we are a dynamic, design-driven, young-spirited brand, constantly seeking to create new levels of quality car enjoyment. We are Spanish. And German. We are passionate perfectionists. We are emotional technologists. Everything we know, is everything you feel. We give design a purpose. We bring technology to life. We are SEAT.”

SEAT’s brand is predicated on safety, technology and exceptional engineering. The company’s agency, Grey, London, UK was charged with promoting SEAT car’s safety features. Below are two radio ads created by: Global Creative Director: Alejandro Arriagada; Creative Directors: Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins; Art Director: Jason Bramley; Copywriter: Jonny Biggins. It runs only in European markets. Thoughts?

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word.

Papa’s kinda tired like a mockingbird.
And if he’s tired you see it in his face,
Papa’s gonna be driving all over the place.
And if his eyes begin to close,
Pappa’s gonna yawn and start to dose.
And if he’s traveling way too fast,
Papa’s gonna go straight through the glass.
And if that windscreen glass gets broke,
Papa’s gonna get hurt and start to croak.
And if no one rescues him quick,
Papa’s gonna get very very sick.
And if his heart stops beating,
Papa’s time on earth is all but fleeting.

The SEAT Tiredness Recognition System. Hard to fall asleep to. Drive awake.


Rock a bye baby, driving non-stop.
When the night comes, tiredness will knock.
When your eyes close, asleep you will fall.
Goodbye to your life, passengers and all.
Rock a bye baby, I saw you again.
Trapped in the wreckage, I feel your pain.
When they pulled you out, there was no scream,
That was the last dream you ever did dream.

The SEAT Tiredness Recognition System. Hard to fall asleep to. Drive awake.

SOURCE: Ads of the World