Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success

HowU-BreakthroughDesign“Company logos which are strategically planned and designed with specific company credibility traits are termed credibility-based logo design. These traits are defined by the company’s expertise and trustworthy dimensions.” – Dr. Bill Haig

Dr. William L. Haig first began developing his “credibility-based logo design” strategy in the 1960s while working with legendary designer Saul Bass as his logo planning and account manager.

And the best part is, HOW Design University has nabbed the prestigious Dr. Haig as a professor for the course Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success.

Haig shares his credibility-based logo design strategy in this impressive course. In two weeks, Haig will break down the concept and teach you how to design logos that sell—and how to sell them.

As the only PhD in logo design and branding, Haig is considered the authority on the application of source credibility principles to the design of company logos. He even coined the term “credibility-based logo design,” which he has discussed in numerous published articles and his book, The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos.

It’s all about credibility and persuasive communication, Haig says. You’ll walk away from the course with a better understand of how to plan a logo design project with your client, how to create effective logo solutions, and how to pitch yourself and your ideas to potential clients and employers.

Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success prepares students for logo and branding projects by arming them with an understanding of research and client needs.

The course outlines breakthrough concepts in logo design, focusing on persuasive communication. It also explores ways to build a company’s credibility through logo design, the importance of consistency in branding, and 10 rules designers must follow to develop a logo and branding system that works. Learn how to speak your client’s language and succeed at logo design.

Creative freelancers, in-house and agency designers, and agency account service professionals and strategists can all benefit from Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success. Credibility-based logo design is one of the primary functions of a designer or any creative type involved in branding, and this course is the way to take your logos to the next level.

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