Breakthrough Website Design Success

500x500_BreakthroughWebDesignAs a web designer, it’s your job to increase conversion rates for your clients. Many web designers find that bounce rates are still high, even after working hard to ensure that their keywords are refined and their pages are fully optimized. What’s a designer to do?

To help designers through this struggle, Dr. Bill Haig applies his proven “credibility-based logo design” to web design in his HOWU course Breakthrough Website Design Success.

Haig’s process shows designers how to increase conversion rates through credibility and how to create websites that communicate and sell. In the early stages of the online conversion cycle, it’s common to make judgments based on first impressions – the company logo and home page design.

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Learn how to increase conversion rates with credibility principles

To keep people clicking, the design of the logo and website must be credible, meaning that the customer must trust the company behind the website from a few visual cues at first glance. According to Google Adwords, if your designs are not credible, over 90 percent of visitors will leave within 10 seconds. This week-long course will teach you how to design a website and a logo that ensure customers will keep clicking.

In Breakthrough Website Design Success, you’ll learn how to make your website and logo designs work together to increase conversion rates using the principles of credibility persuasion. Together, these two have the potential to trigger greater trust and interaction with the website immediately.

This course addresses the problem of increasing conversion rates and presents a successful solution. Students will learn how to design credible logos and websites that will enhance the company credibility traits and lead to online conversions.

In only one week, you’ll learn how to apply credibility and persuasion principles to design websites and logos that sell.

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drbillhaigContactDr. Bill Haig is the only Ph.D. in logo design and is considered the authority in the application of source credibility principles to the design of company logos because of his pioneering work in applying credibility principles in communication persuasion following the teachings of his mentor, design legend Saul Bass. He has worked in logo design and branding for more than forty years, and for the past twenty years of those in website design. He coined the term “credibility based logo design” which was first introduced in his bestselling logo book, “The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos.”