Challenge Your Little Grey Cells

Are you bothered by your creative juices swirling around  with little direction or hope for quelling their constant need to be entertained? It’s time to get those brilliant grey cells honed in on a task or two or 100. has bundled some of its most popular creative exercise books into the Creative Exercise Value Pack and priced it at 77% off. (5 products = $39.99)

Included is the Graphic Design Exercise Book, giving you new perspectives for creating and generating skills that will inspire you. Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills needs little explanation, except to say that it covers various forms of media and sets time limits on challenges! Creative Stuff is the book I can’t wait to open. It not only promises that every page will stimulate your creative senses, it is designed for the visual thinker! This collection is great for the individual designer or an in-house creative team. Don’t miss out on this limited time collection.