Color Inspirations

Color InspirationsI just got to see an advance copy of “Color Inspirations” by Darius A. Monsef, IV, and wow—you are going to love it. There are over three thousand color combinations in this fat book, organized by color family. The talented contributors over at have come up with these palettes over a period of years, and the author has chosen some of the best to share in book format. (And let me also tell you, it was no picnic for our designer to piece everything together and make it all fit into a 256-page book.)

The book includes a CD you can pop into your computer, and then import any of the color swatches directly into whatever program you’re using. And finally, it is a hardcover bound over a wire-o, which means you can flip to any page and have the book stay open at your workspace. It’s a tool that I think you’ll be able to use every day, whether as a reference for your current project, or as a tool to talk color with a client.

Explore “Color Inspirations” by Darius A. Monsef, IV. Plus, meet the author and hear why he wrote this book in Design TV exclusive video, What is COLOURLovers?.

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