Comic Sans Walks into A Bar…

I think I’m going to start calling it font rage – that bubbling, untethered anger that wells up when Comic Sans is used on any graphic.

Graphic arts is a very specialized talent and yet, it is oftened attempted by people who don’t know the nuances of the craft. For me, typography is truly the icing on a gourmet dessert. Designers are chefs who create incredible pieces from their own unique recipe cards – stored in their heads. And, for each recipe, there is that special ingredient that sets it apart, a signature left by the designer or creative team. Typography is that special spice.

Hunting cool typography is a quest beloved by many. In Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design, Denise Bosler writes for the typophile, and W1148laments type missteps by others.

Mastering Type is for you if: “You cringed when you saw that Avatar used Papyrus for the subtitles.”

Subtitles? Typography is everywhere, not just in logos, package design, and print.

Bosler takes readers on a journey beginning with the history of typography. Also included are terms and definitions used when talking about it as well understanding techniques like kerning, leading, and tracking.

Can you pair two fonts together? What typography is best used on the web? Mastering Type has the answers and it’s currently 35% off the retail price at just $26!

2013LogoLogo_200pxCan your Logo Design Compete on Logos Quiz?

Have you ever played the Logos Quiz Game?  You’re given several logos that you have to identify [full disclosure – it’s addictive]. The game touts 900 different brands. What makes one more identifiable than another? Color? Lines? Typography? Graphics?

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